Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vintage Dresses

It suddenly struck me, the long dress from Artizara is a bit expensive. It is RM625 plus shipping. Some of you might think it's cheap, considering it's a brand new dress. But, you know how much fuss I make for this whole wedding-on-budget thingy, right? The thing is, I want to have my own wedding dresses (not rented) which are affordable so that I can keep and cherish them and who knows, pass them on to my daughter/grandchild/great grandchild/the list goes on, for their wedding... if the vintage trend is still around perhaps. Theehee..

So back to the story. I like Artizara dress so much but it's too simple and the RM600+ is not worth it for a simple dress like that. I decided to go blog-hopping for inspirations and why not I try vintage-style dress for my akad nikah ceremony. I know it's very ODD, people usually wear baju kurung/kurung moden for this ceremony but vintage dresses are pretty too! Plus, they are a bit cheaper and still look brand new eventho they are ageing. Elly, tolong make up your mind!

Here's the two choices that I think are cool..

This dress is from Vintage Bridallure. Total plus shipping is only RM352. It's in ivory lace over ivory chiffon and fully lined, except around the collarbone and sleeves. It's exactly in my size and it's in ivory!

This dress retails at RM297 plus shipping. The materials are chiffon and tafetta with ivory/soft cream and white colors. I like the semi-sheer renaissance pouf-style sleeves (that's in white chiffon) and the pearl beading + lace. It's pretty!

Okay, I'm totally spoilt with choice. The dresses are pretty. Do you think I'll look like a pregnant woman in these? The truth is, I fell in love with the first dress because it's lacey and in ivory but it's not fully lined in selected areas. :( Maybe I should opt for the second one but the design looks like a maternity dress. Hahaha. Please help me!


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