Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pre-Wedd at Petaling Street

We had our second pre wedding photoshoot at the same day we did our video invitation videoshoot. Imagine how tired we were. We started shooting for the video at 9.30am and it ended at 1pm. Then we rushed for the photoshoot, with shiny and sweaty faces. The theme is laidback and just having fun, so we were a lil bit relaxed during the photoshoot.

We're gonna use some pictures from the school-themed pre wedding shoot and the Petaling Street photos for our welcome picture during the reception. Our photographer asks us to select a few of our favourite shots to be edited. Now, that's hard!

Well, let's have a look at some of the pictures taken for our second pre wedding photoshoot. Mind the tired faces yea. We were dead flat at that time. Huhuhu.

Ok. That should be enough for now. I should concentrate on preparing for the wedding.

Monday, August 16, 2010

DIY Wedding Card

Johan and me, we make our own wedding invitation cards. It's in the size of passport and being me, who doesn't fancy ready made cards or those normal cards, decided to make a new one from scratch. I have zero knowledge in graphics. So when it comes to designing our own wedding card, I used MS Word as the draft.

Using MS Word, everything is a smooth because I'm so used to them and they gave me no problems. I wanted the cards to have certain Malay and Islamic influence too eventho the design is modern. So for every BM wording, I put Jawi wording behind it as translation.

Now the hardest part is the printing. There are certain pages that I print out manually. Manual means, I used my own lil printer to print out the cards in double sided for 600pcs. That's a lot, but I can save money because printing is free.

But, not everything is printed out using my home printer. For the cover and maps, I sent them out to this printing shop in Brickfields. We're used to the uncle so the thoughts of going to Pudu never existed. Haha. Here's the problem. Since my files are all in MS Word, they cannot read my Jawi translation. We've made 3 trips to discuss about the Jawi wording and on the last trip only he managed to get the Jawi coding in the right place after I successfully saved them in PDF files.

We sent the curly stickers to the uncle for printing too. Best thing is, they will do the cutting for the cards as well. See, double happiness.

Finally, the card matters are all resolved. What's left is for them to be stamped with our custom wedding stamps. For the past 2 days, I've been doing this job for Johan's card. But it's quite ugly. I don't like it. Blame my hands.

My cards are colorful, very informal. Haha! Sorry, pictures are a bit gloomy. Taken with my phone camera.

You'll think the stampings are all ok but if you have it in your hands, see it with your eyes, in real life, you can see the ugliness. :(

The stamps were ordered from Jasa Trading, Level 1, Kompleks PKNS. I gave them the print-out picture of my desired stamps, and they were ready the next day. For those 4 big stamps as mine, they costs me RM45. If they make any mistake, they'll redo everything for free and you can collect them the next day too.

Our DIY wedding cards are still slow in progress. I could say, about 40%. There are still lots of work to be done. The cutting, stamping, pasting and ribbon tying. Phewwwwww!

Monday, August 9, 2010


I haven't blog much lately. Why? Beacuse I'm so stressed out. It's 2 months to the wedding, and I know I didn't do much progress at all.

But.... I created my own stickers today. Haha. From scratch and heaps of 'copy & paste' from various choices. Here's the final product!

Now you know the exact date of my wedding. Haha! I'm gonna use them for my nikah and reception doorgift. I wonder, since when I'm so into swirly curly designs? Hmmm....

Now, pardon me for neglecting this blog and haven't replied your comments. I'm just tired. Yesterday was our second pre-wedding photoshoot. More laidback, casual and spontaneous shoot than the school-themed shoot before. Earlier in the morning, we did our video invitation shoot with Rufi. We seriously cannot act. I'm so nervous now, waiting for the outcome. Those who added me on facebook will get to see the video soon. And yes, you are invited to my wedding. :)

I can't wait to get the pre-wedd pictures from my OP. Wheeeeeeee!

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