Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shopping: Motherhood Expo and Robinsons

I'm sure most of you are aware of the baby expo held in KLCC last week. I went there with my husband on its first day opening. Lucky thing he was on MC that day, so I dragged him out to accompany me there. My personal verdict? Well, it was just 2 out of 5 stars. That was my first time going to such expo so I don't know much about the previous ones. But I was hoping so much from this expo and I end up went home feeling like, blah.

Price wise, I think you'll get better bargain thru online stores. Not everything is cheap. And the choice of booths are minimal. But I found this one booth which sells 10s Bumble Bee 5oz storage bottles at RM22 ONLY. That's the cheapest price around, so far. I forgot the name of the booth and now I regretted for not buying the bottles. Well, better luck next time and I still got plenty of time to do the buying (ayat pujuk diri sendiri).

Then we went to Little Bean's booth and by far, this was the best booth with the best bargain price ever. I bought a combo pack of sterilizer and warmer at RM150. Well, not that I bought them actually. My SIL paid for them as a gift. Yeay! We saved some money there. Hehe.

The latest purchase from the two-day scouting

Little Bean sterilizer and warmer combo set. Comes with one BPA-free bottle and tongs. Yeay!

The next day we went to Robinsons because I wanted to buy Munchkin's drying rack. We couldn't find any within our price range at the expo (plus, everything were expensive or like normal price!) so we decided to just scout around the malls to find such rack. And boy, I was so lucky I finally found the one that I've been eyeing for like, 2 months? Haha.

Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack

Priced at RM45.90. Love!

I just love Robinsons because they carry a wide range of Munchkin items, from what I observed with the other departmental stores. Will definitely come back later to buy more of its stuffs.

Munchkin Inflatable Safety Duck Tub

Munchkin Bottle and Nipple Brush

Friday, February 24, 2012

Survey: Online Baby Items

Since I'm on a long break from work (heaven!), there's nothing to do except googling for cheap baby items on the net. I have settled the first part of my baby checklist, that is the clothing. Now, comes the expensive part. All those feeding equipment, accessories and such.

I have set my eyes on Little Bean's sterilizer and warmer after I read good reviews about it, especially from mothers who've been using Tommee Tippee's milk bottles. It's normally priced at RM199 for a combo set. I know I can buy them at a cheaper price. Here's what I found:

Next is Fisher Price rocker, suitable from newborn to toddler. Market price is RM349.90. It comes in green frame and blue frame. My personal favorite is green because the colors are bright. 
My Baby Shop - RM299.90

Then I need something to organize my baby bottles. I don't want the bottles to mix with other kitchen appliances for drying. A special rack for them is important too.
The First Years: Spinning Drying Rack and Organizer
My Baby Shop - RM62.91

The First Years: Spinning Drying Rack and Organizer (RED)
Little Whiz - RM71.90
My Baby Shop - RM71.91

Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack
Fabulous Mom - RM35.90 (PWP if you spend RM100 and above in a single receipt)
Little Whiz - RM41.30
Mama Panda - RM43 (inclusive Poslaju)

I am determined to fully breastfeed my baby. I hope I can achieve that. Most people I know suggest me to buy Medela Freestyle eventho it's very expensive. I'm going to save up and invest my money for this. 
EMD Baby - RM1350 (inclusive Poslaju)

And lastly, for the amount of milk I pumped out, I need a few good storage bottles for keep them fresh. For starter, I think I'll be good with these.
E-Mumshop - RM28 for 10 (2oz) bottles

E-Mumshop - RM38 for 12 (5oz) bottles

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Buku Merah (or Pink?)

My first proper antenatal visit to Klinik Kesihatan was during my 12 week pregnancy. Before I went there, I read a lot on Google about their registration procedure, checklist and the list goes on. Mind you, that was my first time going to a government clinic (apart from the pre-marriage HIV test) so I can say I'm a little bit skeptical about it. I think it is rooted in our Malaysian minds that government service is very, very, very slow to the boot.

Before I enrolled myself to the clinic, I asked my experienced friends about the options for antenatal checkup. Most of them suggested the government clinic, just to be on the safe side. Why? Because if anything happens when you're about to deliver (eg; complications), the private hospital will definitely refer you to the government hospital. At least, when you have your record and buku merah with the government clinic, even if you're going for the checkup only once in your whole pregnancy days there, you will be accepted without any complaints. Haha.

I understand that in order to register to a particular clinic, you must refer to your residential address. For example, if you stay in Shah Alam you cannot go to a clinic in Kelana Jaya. Unless you're working in that certain district. In order to validate your address, you have to bring a copy of your water/electric bill during registration. Here's the documents needed for the registration:

  • Your original IC
  • Your husband's original / copy IC
  • Marriage certificate
  • Proof of address (water/electric bill)
  • Proof of pregnancy (photo from your scan/letter from your doctor)
With all these documents, I went to a Klinik Kesihatan in Puchong to register my pregnancy. My husband came by later to accompany me. The registration was a quick one. I arrived around 7am (to avoid to humongous crowd) and the nurse at the counter gave me a waiting number and the books to fill up my particulars. She just asked me where I stay, without even checking all those documents for authentication. Good. At 8am, my number was called and the whole antenatal procedure finished at 11.30am.

My verdict, yes the crowd is huge! What more can you complained because it is free service. But the nurses are nice. Eventho they have to cater to a lot of patients everyday, but they still managed to smile and talk nicely to me. I feel their warmth. So I don't really mind if I have to wait because normally, the checkup will last from 8am till afternoon. And don't forget to fill up that empty stomach before you come here because trust me, you have to wait for a long, long time.

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Very Own Diaper Cake

How to make a diaper cake? It's easy. Tutorial is everywhere on the internet. Add in a pinch of creativity, you'll get a pretty and cute diaper cake. Perfect for gift giving on baby shower or newborn's arrival.

Since I'm on one month leave, I decided to make use of my spare time and start by making my own diaper cake. I have two relatives who are due soon, so I guess giving them a handmade gift can never gone wrong.

So what's the ingredients for the cake?
26x size S diapers
3x handkerchiefs
3x rompers
3x pair of socks
1x set of hand mittens and booties
1x teether
1x wrist rattler
1x receiving blanket
1x pre-walker shoes
(ribbons and net wrapper are included)

A friend of mine ordered one diaper cake for her friend's newborn too. Will post out pictures once it's done. If you too want a cheap diaper cake and got your own ideas, you know how to contact me. Maybe we can work something out. :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shopping: One Baby World

It's two weeks until my payday but still, I cannot stop myself from buying at least one item from the internet. I started to become addicted to online shopping during my study days. At that time, I can't get enough of the endless blogshops selling cheap clothes. Yeah, I got all my clothes mostly online. Until I was into marriage-phase, the addiction has finally subsided. Maybe because I was too busy working and preparing for the wedding, shopping was the last thing on my mind. Now that I'm expecting, the old habit has come to haunt me. I shop mostly for baby items now. It's true what my friends said. Once you're becoming a mother, all your priorities are centered to your child.

Well, this time around I was goggling on One Baby World. As usual, I won't leave empty-handed. The purchase is just nothing, and I hope my husband won't make a feat about me buying things behind his back again. Haha.

The parcel. What's inside?

2x receiving blankets and 4x black tights. Total damage: RM54

They messed up my order. I'm supposed to receive a different pattern of blanket, not the blue one. But it's okay. It's just a blanket anyway. And it's just RM10, so lets not make a fuss about it. :)

Early this week, I got a chance to go to Baby Twinkle in Puchong. They're located in Bandar Puteri, where Giant is located. The shop is just above Secret Recipe. Went there with my mom and sister, and the SA is very friendly. Her name is Ana. She's very helpful, and likes to talk. Haha. They're currently having a sale during this month of February. I just bought a pair of Mothercare pre-walker shoes for no reason, after being tempted by my mom.

Went to Carrefour afterwards and again, I was diverted to the baby section. Bought a few dailywear for the baby too.

Mothercare pre-walker shoes at RM24 from Baby Twinkle.
6x dailywear set (short sleeve + long pants) from Tollyjoy (RM18.80) and Pureen (RM10.90) at Carrefour.
Total damage: RM121

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby Expo and Warehouse Sale 2012

Motherhood Expo 2012
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
24th - 26th February 2012
10.30am - 9pm
Admission: FREE

3rd Maternity & Children Expo
Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
9th - 11th March 2012
10.00am - 9pm
Admission: FREE


It's confirmed I'll be broke during this 2 months. Should start make a list of items that are important only. This time around, no more shopping for babywear. NO MORE!

Bottle warmer
Storage bottles
Bottle drying rack
Bottle cleaning brush
Disposable breast pads
Baby rocker
Baby bedding set

Please pray that I can stick to this checklist. Haha. Why I feel like I'm doubting myself? Tsskkkk!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bunga Telur Foam

Oh well, I just realized today is V-Day. Not that I care much, nor celebrate it. Haha. But on this very date, 3 years ago, I'm engaged to this man who has become my husband now. So it's kinda special for me in my own way.

Okay, that's not the key for this post. Let's move on to the real deal.

The other day, my SIL was talking about ordering bunga telur for her baby girl's majlis akikah. It got me thinking that you have to prepare for the bunga telur even before your baby was born. She did the same too, so yeah, I'm gonna followsuit (but not now, duh!).

I don't know how much you need for akikah's bunga telur, but I guess the safest bet is to consider it's just the same quantity as what you have during your wedding. Two pahar of those should be sufficient enough.

I was bloghopping and found these useful websites, each sells unique bunga telur. They were made of foam, colourful ones. Suitable for children's events.

This first one is from Sweet n Rosy. From what I observed, they have excellent workmanship. Very detailed with neat shapes and tiny bits. RM3 per piece.

And this is from Gift 4 Gifted. They made the cutest bunga telur everrrrrrr! Besides Hello Kitty, they can make you a ladybird, chicky or maybe something one of a kind. I love this!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Latest Purchase

I'm only at 17 weeks but it seems like I already bought most of the baby stuffs. I can safely say that I have completed almost 50% of my checklist (mostly babywear). There are reasons why I buy things much earlier. Firstly it's because I like to prepare well ahead. Yes. I cannot imagine having my husband to buy baby stuffs. He doesn't know much (me too!), well I can't blame him because this is his first time and typically, he's a guy. Never count on a man to do a woman's job. From what I observe, he's more into gadgets and toys, so I think strollers would be his forte. I have to teach him the importance of buying a good breastpump, having a sterilizer at home, the correct teats for bottles for breastfed babies and the list goes on. He's learning a thing or two, but I know I have to prepare everything by myself while I can, so as not to burden him.

Secondly, I know I will not feel good when I reach the third trimester, earliest at 6 month. I have low lying placenta which means, I cannot move or walk much. I have to rest most of the time and this restricts me from being active, out and about. I can't roam the malls searching for baby items when I'm constantly tired, with swollen feet and panting for air. No no, that's not a good sight. Thus, to play safe it's best if I just prepare earlier.

Third, it's the money matters. Yes, having a baby is not costly but the mindset makes it so. Sure you can just buy a bundle of clothes of 5 for RM20. Now, that's not expensive right? It's more to your personal view. If you want better stuffs for the baby, you have to fork out some money. As for me, I love everything pretty. Well, who doesn't? And I know my taste, so I have to do something to fulfill it. If I buy things bit by bit, it wouldn't be too costly. Just imagine if every month you spend about RM150 - RM200 for baby stuffs, by the 4th month you have everything completed without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Compared to if you buy whole lotta things in a month, complete but it costs you RM800, isn't it a headache? So it's better to start off early. Just my own humble opinion.

As usual, I always love good bargains. I went window shop at Sunway Pyramid with dear husband and being me, it's impossible to not buy something along the way. With a baby coming its way, I have more reasons to shop. Haha.

 I know the colors are mundane. These are for baby's basic wear from Cotton On Kids. 4pcs leggings, 2 beanie hats and 2 pair of socks at RM154. The washcloth is in a pack of two (8pcs per pack), priced at RM20. From Mom's Care.

Cotton On Kids is having a promotion. If you spend RM150 and above in a single receipt, you're entitled for an RM80 voucher. Valid for redemption from 13th - 28th February 2012. Steal! I've been eyeing their grobags, y'know.

And last week, we went to Babyland SS2 just to have a look around. I managed to grab some items to complete my checklist.

Purchases from Babyland SS2. Nothing fancy, just the normal items. Grand total: RM145.

Tommee Tippee bottles in 5oz (RM33) and 9oz (RM35). In a box of two. I want to buy the tinted ones but they are quite expensive. I found cheaper options at One Baby World. Will go there one of these day.

Hand mitten and booties set. I love Tollyjoy mitten sets because they don't print their brand name on their products. Plus, their booties have fleece kinda material for the feet. Adorable. Plain set is RM5.90. Printed set is at RM6.90. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Stuffs from UK

I never knew shopping for baby clothes online could be this awesome. Haha.

But first, let me start this post with this story and how it led me to my newfound habit, which is kinda boring. The story it is, I mean. Hoho. You can skip this part and move to the pictures instead if you wish.

Ok, shall we start? Ok go.

My pregnancy was an easy one for the the first 2 months. I never had morning sickness, I feel fine and I was thinking, is this normal? Am I really pregnant? When my colleagues started questioning how I don't look pregnant at all then I began to worry. I had my first check-up at 7 week out of curiosity. When I went for scan and the doctor showed me the blurry image of the baby's heartbeat, I was relieved. Ok, so it's true I'm really pregnant and there is a real baby inside my tummy. Since then, I started to watch my diet and my food intake. All the best for my baby.

When the third month emerges, I knew I finally have the pregnancy bug and symptoms. This time, it's real. I vomitted, tho not that much and frequent but when it comes, it does come hard. I don't feel good especially during the evening. I don't have the mood to go to work, in fact I loathe everyone at work. I'm always on MC and I've become a frequent patient at the local clinic, they should award me with a Loyalty Badge or something for the record.

When I was about 4 month, I had trouble to walk. I've been having this terrible cough for 3 weeks it looks like it would lasts forever. So again, I went to see the doctor. She did the scan and said that the baby's head is pushing down my placenta, probably because everytime I coughed, the pressure went down and causes this. I just nod at whatever she explains on that blurry image of my baby because I was too worried. She even said the complications if we have low lying placenta. Bleeding can occur, problems for baby, etc.

I was given rest for 2 days and the next day, I really cannot walk because it was too painful just to move your legs. So there goes the neverending story of me going to the private hospital, private clinic and government hospital. I had some spotting but the doctor thought it wasn't so serious so I was given rest again. I cannot lift heavy objects, I must restrict excessive walking (means no more trips to malls!) and most importantly, I should just lie down and rest. I had 2 weeks rest and couldn't care less if people in the office talk about me because I'm the one who suffer from this, not them.

Bedrest and staying at home for 2 weeks is killing me because I cannot go out. So I started playing on the Ipad, browsing around the Internet and now I'm stuck at online shopping. This time, it's for the baby. I came across Saudagar UK, a Malaysian couple of husband and wife who become a team to deliver anything you'd like to buy from the UK. But of course, you have to bear the shipping charges.

This is a good news because UK has vast options of shopping for various types of people. And shopping for baby items in UK is heaven. Some items are cheap, especially if they are on sale or clearance, and choices are plentiful. Dealing with Saudagar UK is easy too. They reply your e-mails promptly and very helpful. I sent them tonnes of e-mail and each were replied courteously and quick. They use UPS to deliver your parcel too, which is very reliable. I got mine in 4 days, hassle free without any Customs charges imposed. Yes, that was quick!

 When the parcel arrived. Wheeeeeeee!

Lets open it and see what's inside.


The catch for the day. Mode: happy and ultimately broke!

I started off my purchase from George @ Asda and Debenhams. All are newborn clothes and accesories. From George @ Asda, I bought:
6x sleepsuits
3x long sleeve bodysuits
10x bibs (okay gila beli bib banyak-banyak, haruslah buat charity nanti)
2x hooded towel + mitt
1x boggle suit (kau ingat Malaysia ni sejuk ke nak beli baju tebal-tebal)
5x pair of socks
1x monster beanie hat

From Debenhams, I bought stuffs from their designer line. It is Ted Baker Baby. They are:
1x party dress
1x blanket
1x bear plush toy. The bear is soooooooooooo cuddly! Perfect for babies and toddlers.

Now, the damage? It's  £151.81 only plus shipping via UPS. Looks cheap eh? Wait until you convert it to Ringgit Malaysia. Ok, shut up. I know.

My Newborn (and ehemmmm.... new mom) Checklist

Since I'm pregnant, I started to become more informative by reading tips and whatnots about baby and pregnancy rigorously through Internet and books. Listening to experienced mothers is a good way to learn a thing or two (maybe more) too.

From what I heard, a baby checklist is essential for first time mothers as it guides us in getting the necessary items for baby without going overboard and overspent. I know, being a mother, we want the best for our baby and don't mind to spend some extra mile for the things we think are good for the baby. I truly understand this because the same thing happens to me too. Haha guilty as charged!

So, in order for me to save money and strap in some cash for later use (medical, hospital bills and unforeseen circumstances), I decided to make my own checklist based on my preferences. I know you can get a newborn checklist on the net but I think some items listed there are unnecessary and don't even suit our lifestyle. Thus, I came up with a new one for my ease. This list is free for you to copy, I have no problem.

5x short sleeve bodysuits
3x long sleeve bodysuits
6x sleepsuits
6x tights / long pants ( I bought extra 2pcs)
9x hand mittens and booties
5x socks ( I bought extra 2 pairs)
2x hats
15x baby binders
3x swaddle wraps
3x blankets / receiving blankets

Baby bath
Baby shampoo
Baby lotion
Baby oil
Baby powder
2x towels
A pack of small towel / handkerchief
5x bibs (I bought extra 5pcs, because they're too cute!)
Cotton buds
Cotton balls
Minyak yuyi
Minyak telon
2x wet tissue
Diaper rash cream
Nail clipper
Nasal aspirator
Baby bedding set
Changing mat
Laundry detergent

Bottle warmer
Electric breastpump
2x 5oz milk bottle
2x 9oz milk bottle
6x storage bottle
Bottle drying rack
Bottle cleaning brush
Bottle cleanser

Post natal set (I bought Tanamera and Amway set)
Set pengurusan uri
5x kain batik
5x socks
5x maternity/nursing bra
5x maternity panties
1x non-slip sandals (indoor)
Maternity pad
Nipple shield
Disposable breast pads
Nipple cream

Baby rocker
Baby bath tub (I bought an inflatable tub)
Changing pad
Baby sleeper
Dimple pillow (newborn)
Diaper bag
Nursing pillow

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby News!

I've been missing in action for almost a year and now I'm back because I know, I've missed a lot in blogging! Life's taking a toll on me and for the past year, me and husband were super duper busy with our life but we managed to sneak away for some repeat honeymoons. Haha.

To start off my comeback into the blogging world, I'd like to share this good news with my blogger friends. Yes, I am currently 4 months pregnant. I am easily exhausted now but extremely happy and thrilled with this blessing. We've been waiting for a year for this miracle and finally Allah has granted our wish. I cannot be more than thankful to Him. Alhamdulillah.

I knew I was pregnant from week 7. But it was so hard to contain the feeling and urge of telling everybody that I am expecting. Because of the old folks tale that it is assumed jinx to reveal our pregnancy before it reaches 3 months old, we have to hold the butterflies in our stomach and only tell our moms about it. That's it.

People also said it is jinx to buy baby clothes / items so early in our pregnancy so I hold on to that as well. Until my pregnancy is 4 months old then I started buying baby clothes and items bit by bit.

I know having a baby is costly, depending on how you want the preparation to be. It's the same with wedding. So now, I'm gonna write on about the best deals that I found while scouting for baby items. I'm still a budget-friendly mom to be as the same when I was planning my wedding a year ago. Oh how I missed that moment.

Friends and family advised me not to buy clothes for newborn in large quantity because they will grow out of them sooner than you expected. This is what I read from Google tips as well. But I stick to my list of newborn checklist (which can be found all over the internet, just Google it) and hope it can help first time mothers, like me. I'll put on the list on the next entry kays.

I cannot resist cute baby rompers so last Saturday, I went out with my family to survey for some bargains and have a look at baby clothes. But the temptation is high and I finally grab a few items for my collection.

Sleepwear from Mothercare The Curve. Rm83 after 30% discount. 

3 longsleeve bodysuits and 2 rompers from Debenhams. Rm120, these are on sale.

I bought these in size 0-3 months but still I think they're quite big for Asian babies. Good... so these will last longer than I thought. Hopefully. I know these are pricey but I love Mothercare because they have the softest cotton for baby clothes which I like the most! And I like fun prints and colors for baby clothes and so far, I can only find them at these stores. 

I bought my newborn clothes from online UK stores. I think I bought quite a heap. Will post a review about it later when I receive the parcel. Hopefully by this week because I used the UPS tracker and currenly, it just reached KLIA. I can only worry about the Customs tax now. Wuuuuu...

Till we meet again, soon. I promise!

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