Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Stuffs from UK

I never knew shopping for baby clothes online could be this awesome. Haha.

But first, let me start this post with this story and how it led me to my newfound habit, which is kinda boring. The story it is, I mean. Hoho. You can skip this part and move to the pictures instead if you wish.

Ok, shall we start? Ok go.

My pregnancy was an easy one for the the first 2 months. I never had morning sickness, I feel fine and I was thinking, is this normal? Am I really pregnant? When my colleagues started questioning how I don't look pregnant at all then I began to worry. I had my first check-up at 7 week out of curiosity. When I went for scan and the doctor showed me the blurry image of the baby's heartbeat, I was relieved. Ok, so it's true I'm really pregnant and there is a real baby inside my tummy. Since then, I started to watch my diet and my food intake. All the best for my baby.

When the third month emerges, I knew I finally have the pregnancy bug and symptoms. This time, it's real. I vomitted, tho not that much and frequent but when it comes, it does come hard. I don't feel good especially during the evening. I don't have the mood to go to work, in fact I loathe everyone at work. I'm always on MC and I've become a frequent patient at the local clinic, they should award me with a Loyalty Badge or something for the record.

When I was about 4 month, I had trouble to walk. I've been having this terrible cough for 3 weeks it looks like it would lasts forever. So again, I went to see the doctor. She did the scan and said that the baby's head is pushing down my placenta, probably because everytime I coughed, the pressure went down and causes this. I just nod at whatever she explains on that blurry image of my baby because I was too worried. She even said the complications if we have low lying placenta. Bleeding can occur, problems for baby, etc.

I was given rest for 2 days and the next day, I really cannot walk because it was too painful just to move your legs. So there goes the neverending story of me going to the private hospital, private clinic and government hospital. I had some spotting but the doctor thought it wasn't so serious so I was given rest again. I cannot lift heavy objects, I must restrict excessive walking (means no more trips to malls!) and most importantly, I should just lie down and rest. I had 2 weeks rest and couldn't care less if people in the office talk about me because I'm the one who suffer from this, not them.

Bedrest and staying at home for 2 weeks is killing me because I cannot go out. So I started playing on the Ipad, browsing around the Internet and now I'm stuck at online shopping. This time, it's for the baby. I came across Saudagar UK, a Malaysian couple of husband and wife who become a team to deliver anything you'd like to buy from the UK. But of course, you have to bear the shipping charges.

This is a good news because UK has vast options of shopping for various types of people. And shopping for baby items in UK is heaven. Some items are cheap, especially if they are on sale or clearance, and choices are plentiful. Dealing with Saudagar UK is easy too. They reply your e-mails promptly and very helpful. I sent them tonnes of e-mail and each were replied courteously and quick. They use UPS to deliver your parcel too, which is very reliable. I got mine in 4 days, hassle free without any Customs charges imposed. Yes, that was quick!

 When the parcel arrived. Wheeeeeeee!

Lets open it and see what's inside.


The catch for the day. Mode: happy and ultimately broke!

I started off my purchase from George @ Asda and Debenhams. All are newborn clothes and accesories. From George @ Asda, I bought:
6x sleepsuits
3x long sleeve bodysuits
10x bibs (okay gila beli bib banyak-banyak, haruslah buat charity nanti)
2x hooded towel + mitt
1x boggle suit (kau ingat Malaysia ni sejuk ke nak beli baju tebal-tebal)
5x pair of socks
1x monster beanie hat

From Debenhams, I bought stuffs from their designer line. It is Ted Baker Baby. They are:
1x party dress
1x blanket
1x bear plush toy. The bear is soooooooooooo cuddly! Perfect for babies and toddlers.

Now, the damage? It's  £151.81 only plus shipping via UPS. Looks cheap eh? Wait until you convert it to Ringgit Malaysia. Ok, shut up. I know.


Dulu Gadis, Kini Mama February 10, 2012 at 7:50 AM  

waaa...super cute monster beanie hat tu!

byk dah melabur for baby eh..hehe

NoRr February 10, 2012 at 8:03 AM  

i loathed everyone at the office while i was pregnant too...seriously.sumpah...;p

anyways,now i jeles dengan ur baby's stuffs...eeeee geram aihhh!!

Elly Anaille February 10, 2012 at 8:34 AM  

Haha most of the items tu sebab I yg berkenan sebenarnye. Tgk2 baby taknak. Charity la jawabnye...

Nadya Zahid February 21, 2012 at 2:18 PM  

rase2 ade x charity nak bg kat i?hahahaahah..i xbli pe2 pon lagi..syoknye tgk u dh byk bli brg beb...i stillx de mood nak tgk pe2 coz my body soooooooooooo weakkkkkkkkkkk!! n xstop lagi muntah..erghhhhhhhhh

*Dream Weaver* February 29, 2012 at 10:11 AM  

The items are super cute though... so don't start converting the price :)

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