Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bunga Telur Foam

Oh well, I just realized today is V-Day. Not that I care much, nor celebrate it. Haha. But on this very date, 3 years ago, I'm engaged to this man who has become my husband now. So it's kinda special for me in my own way.

Okay, that's not the key for this post. Let's move on to the real deal.

The other day, my SIL was talking about ordering bunga telur for her baby girl's majlis akikah. It got me thinking that you have to prepare for the bunga telur even before your baby was born. She did the same too, so yeah, I'm gonna followsuit (but not now, duh!).

I don't know how much you need for akikah's bunga telur, but I guess the safest bet is to consider it's just the same quantity as what you have during your wedding. Two pahar of those should be sufficient enough.

I was bloghopping and found these useful websites, each sells unique bunga telur. They were made of foam, colourful ones. Suitable for children's events.

This first one is from Sweet n Rosy. From what I observed, they have excellent workmanship. Very detailed with neat shapes and tiny bits. RM3 per piece.

And this is from Gift 4 Gifted. They made the cutest bunga telur everrrrrrr! Besides Hello Kitty, they can make you a ladybird, chicky or maybe something one of a kind. I love this!


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