Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to: Build Online Webshop

There's a lot of online shopping websites out there. For an avid shopper like me, buying things online is like a normal routine and I do have some websites which I frequent to whenever I had the sudden urge to browse around. However, I do stick to some ground rules before I decided to purchase anything, just to be on the safe side. This applies especially to new online shopping websites, which had multiply day by day.

Of course we had many choices out there, an eye for shopping is good and so does good ethic in deciding finesse and bad. If I stumbled upon a suspicious looking websites, where everything looks so basic and unappealing, I immediately had doubts and reverted from buying anything from them even though what they offered is something that is IN or perhaps, cheap.

From this view, we can conclude that a fancy and nice looking website is essential in attracting more customers to come to your online shop and it's a bonus if they came out with some purchases. You can set up your online webshop with a free blog host, for example the ever so popular Blogger. But isn't it way cooler and proper if you have an established website for your online shop?

With low payment from as low as rm399 per year, is the host provider for you to build online webshop, with its easy to use shopping cart system. The best part is, there's no hidden charges or fees. Whatever you see on the price list, that's it. To make you happy, the cost is only RM1.10 per day. Take this: setup fee is included in the price as well. Okay, double good!

If you have very little knowledge in IT or had no idea on how to build your own webshop, fret not. The system installed is very easy to use. You can fully utilize its simple application and design templates in order to set up your webshop. If you're still clueless and need to ask around, you can always e-mail them at or contact them at +6016-7280-857.

Saying this, you can always consider if you're looking for an easy solution to build your online webshop. You can always upgrade your website whenever you're business is expanding. A good website for your webshop potrays a whole fine look of your growing business. Good luck!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Super Long Hiatus

I missed blogging! Oh my, I have been extremely busy and maybe too lazy to even write a post. Elly, tolong rajin sikit ye next time. Butttttt, you can always catch me in action on Instagram. :)

I'm doing great, and so does Aisyah who will be 4 months this weekend. Time flies so fast. The next thing I know, she's able to laugh, smile and even coo now. The best thing ever of being a mom. Heh.

Aisyah at 3 months, weighing 6.4kg

Newsflash! I'm so not in the mood to work now. Yes, I woke up every morning loathing my job. I know I should be thankful to have sturdy monthly income but work is no fun now. Everything has changed since I was transferred to another department. People are different there and that includes my superiors. I work in a government agency and you know how the typical Malays work. Banyaknye kaki bodek and tukang sebok! I was on half-paid and unpaid leave for almost 4 months during my pregnancy days. Reasons being, I wasn't feeling well and most of the time, I just need a break from all these suck-ups.

I just came back from my 3 months maternity leave early this month. And guess what, on the second week of working itself I have started my strikes with a collection of MCs and emergencies. I know they were talking behind my back all these while but, do I look like I care? I suddenly have this strong urge to resign and stay at home looking after my baby. I have to force myself and drag my ass out of the bed everyday to go to work. Please, please, please... I just want to be a stay at home mum. I will be much happier just doing house chores.

Hopefully it'll come true, one of these days.

Now, I really need a vacation to relax and reward myself. This year has been kinda awful to me, but not on the arrival of Aisyah. That's an exception. Now... a trip out of Malaysia would be awesome, with a baby. Hmmmm that's challenging but surely an experience. Hong Kong, maybe? Wheeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Majlis Aqiqah Aisyah Lily

Last Saturday, we hosted an Aqiqah ceremony for Aisyah. It's actually a combined ceremony with my sister since Aisyah and her baby boy were just one month apart from their birth date. Plus, my dad decided to pay for all three kambing golek so there, we saved up a lot. Thank you so much Abah!

The ceremony was  more to families and relatives only and we had fun of course, but.... there was a MAJOR incident, thanks to the caterer which left us feeling all pissed off. And some hiccups here and there too from other vendor. Will blog about it later in another post. Above all, we were glad knowing that all guests left the ceremony with their stomach fully loaded. Wheeeeeee!

Ok, enough babbling now let's jump to the pictures. Just a few only tho since we were too busy to even remember to snap. Official photos from our photographer are still in the process.

Aisyah was somehow fascinated with her cradle and the flower ball.

Mommy and Daddy camwhoring before the ceremony kicks off. The theme for the ceremony is purple  and blue but since most of our attire are still at the laundrette, we decided to wear our Nikah outfit. Surprisingly yes, I can still fit in it! Yeay-ness!

Marhaban group yang paling best everrrrrrrrr sumpah tak tipu! Nak nangis rasa huwaaaaaaaaa!

In the middle of berzanji, we as usual were busy taking pictures. 

I will reveal the contacts and write a review on each vendor involved for this ceremony. No transparency, I will write based on what has happened to us. Hahaha kontroversi sangattttttt so stay tuned!

By the way, Aisyah turned 2 months old today! A healthy baby girl, Mak and Abah love you sooooooooo much! Nanti kita pergi cucuk ye.. kahkahkah!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Post Raya Updates

Everybody's been writing about their Raya story. How was mine? It was okay. Aisyah (and her Mommy) just barely passed the confinement stage so we can't celebrate much because what she did was just sleeping, crying and waking up to feed. And I had engorgement on the first and second day of Raya, so it was no fun at all when visiting our relatives.

This was the first time I spent my Raya with my husband's side and at our own house too. The mood to decorate the house has subsided since I've settled that part much much much earlier. I was quite excited to actually try on new recipes and made my own kuih raya tho. These were made on the day before Raya. Gigih sangat! Hehe.

The dual colored, super soft Biskut Susu.

The favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies. This was gone in 5 days because me and husband kept munching on them. Ohhhh sugar high!

Oh, a  family picture during the first day raya, taken at my FIL's kampung in Sabak Bernam. I didn't have proper kampung or kampung house to relate to so that explains why I was uber excited to balik kampung to a real kampung house. But since I was in pain, (thanks to the engorgement!) the mood for pictures was gone and we managed to briefly pose just for the sake of Raya.

Pardon Aisyah's outfit. Her blue Raya dress was spoiled with spills plus it was hot during half of the day so we decided to change her to something much comfortable.

So how was your Raya?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Of Baju Raya

It's so frustrating to finally discovered that I have changed size from S to M after given birth. My bottom changed drastically to L size, btw. And to make it worse, all my baju raya are ill-fittingly snug at the hips area. Sigh.

This year, our theme is supposed to be electric blue but of course, there's a little mishap here and there and turns out, the theme is still blue, but a different shade of blue for each of us and that includes baby Aisyah.

Husband's baju melayu sticks to its original theme: electric blue, but mine went out a little further and becomes royal blue instead.

Modern kurung  from Fuzana Mokhtaza. The top fits me just nice but she had to alter the kain about three times to fit my gigantic arse. 

Was attracted to Zawara's latest offer of Ayu Dress and bought a piece online. As usual, I can't fit in it and had to personally went to their boutique in Plaza Damas to change size to M. Just nice but it's still a little fitted around my hips. I'll most probably sell this. Sigh. It's a really really really beautiful dress, you know. Uwaaaaaaaa!

I need to raid the last minute Raya shopping in Jalan TAR or Kompleks PKNS to find bargain on another baju raya. Hopefully I can find something that can finally suit my new size. :(

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Home Deco: Dining Hall

Our theme color for house deco this year is purple, since I'm too lazy to think of other colors to mix and match plus, time and money is restricted so we'll just make do with what we have and what we found as considerably cheap.

This time around, I decided to decorate our dining hall into something more presentable. We only have the basics for this area, that includes the dining set and the gigantic dining drawer + mirror set but lacking some colors.

I went for knicks knacks shopping at Kaison Furnishing at Paradigm a week before my delivery. I love Kaison because they have loads of house decoration items at super low price. Of course, you can't compare the quality to their top notch competitors like SSF or the likes but if you're on a tight budget this Raya, Kaison is one choice that can be considered.

I went mad shopping at Kaison and bought so many things for my living area and the dining hall and the bill came up at only RM150. Yes, cheap because I bought a lot, mind you. A LOT! From artificial flower bouquets, vases in various sizes and shapes, pillows, cushion covers, frames, candles, plates and the list goes on. Wheeeeeee!

Oh well, here are some pictures of my dining area for your eye candy. Nothing much but I decided to go minimal so that's the outcome...

I'm still looking for a reasonably priced carpet to compliment the dining set but to no avail. Found one or two which suit my liking but they're waaaayyyyyyyyyyy overpriced. Sigh!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Confinement, So Far...

Aisyah is sleeping so I have to write this entry as fast as possible before she cracks up. Huhuhu...

As of today, I'm at day 33 of confinement and weighing at 57 kilos. That means I shed off 11 kilos of my pregnancy weight and need to work out more to get rid of this extra 7 kilos to gain my normal weight. Phewwwwwww! Target: 50kg by Hari Raya. Wish me luck!

So, how's everyone doing so far? As for me, life after having a baby is rather hectic. Since Aisyah turned one month old last Thursday, putting her to sleep is like a battle now. And one thing I noticed, being a Mommy, everything must be done in fast pace, from bathing, cooking and doing house chores. You hardly get a good rest as you had before but I love every bits of it when I saw Aisyah grows right in front of my eyes.

Owh, talking about confinement hmmmmm... well nothing much actually. I decided not to go through the 100 days of confinement since it's too much hassle (and BORINGGGGGGGGGG I tell you!). 44 days is more than enough for me. For the first two weeks, I stayed at my mom's house where she took care of me and the baby. Since I had episiotomy and the wounds are still fresh, I need help to get around and doing things.

Pantang food is rather bland and simple. In the early weeks, all I had is just rice, white radish and fish (cooked either in steamed, fried or singgang style). For breakfast, a bowl of cereal or toasts with hot Milo/Horlicks will do. I avoided eggs, chicken, certain fish and cold/iced water at all costs. As for the supplement, I consumed Shaklee products for breastfeding moms. And so far, Shaklee suits me and my milk production has increased a bit. Not much actually but just enough to feed Aisyah and makes her full everyday.

During my second week of confinement, I had my sesi berurut for 3 days straight. And no, I didn't do all the bertangas and bertungku. Rimas! Hahaha.

I stayed at my mom's during the weekdays only and we went back home every weekends, since friends and family wanted to come over to visit Aisyah. By the third week, I decided to berpantang at my house by my own. My wounds are healed by the second week and I feel confident to handle a newborn baby. So there goes my new routine... bath, feed and put my baby to sleep.

On the fourth week of confinement, we decided to bring Aisyah out to the world. Yes, we brought her to OU, kononnya for Raya shopping but ended up with nothing since Aisyah decided to make a scene. Yes, she's still a tiny baby but her Mommy was bored as hell staying inside during confinement and wanted some action. Heheheheh.

Us, with Aisyah at her 30 days of age.

Okay, Aisyah is awake now. Toodles!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Token From Bee Little

About two weeks ago, I received a special gift from Bee Little. The owner is such a nice lady, and she gave me some products from Earth Mama Angel Baby for both me and my baby's daily use. All I can say is, thank you very much Zhuriqa for those lovely gifts!

She sent me two boxes of tea, one is Monthly Comfort Tea which is to be consumed during postpartum and has a delicious cinnamon blend. Yums! While the other one is Organic Milkmaid Tea, which is good for breastfeeding moms as it can help you to produce healthy breast milk. I have yet to try the latter since I'm still on the Comfort Tea but can't wait to try the Milkmaid Tea, which has nice, fragrant smell too.

And Aisyah is not to be left out. For her skin wellness, I received 2 boxes of Angel Baby Bottom Balm to protect her skin from diaper rash. This balm has a nice lemon-y smell and soft, perfect for baby's delicate skin. Apart from diaper rash, I used this balm for other purposes as well, such as bug bites and blisters. Amazingly, the balm works out just great!

Well, that's not only what Bee Little has got to offer. I went online and found that they have other items selling at a very reasonable price (if not cheaper!) too. And since Raya is coming soon and if you're still looking for baju kurung for your little ones, why don't you head down to Bee Little for a feast. They have them in colourful designs and are too cute to pass.
Priced at RM35 each. Much cheaper than what other online stores have to offer.

And that's not all. Bee Little also sells boardbooks and clothbooks for toddlers and kids. And I love their Young Khalifah products. Apart from Islamic clothbooks, they have colourful prayer mats for kids too! Check this out:
Aren't they the cutest? These designs and more at RM55.

Oh, let's check out this bandana bibs from Funky Giraffe Bibs, originally from UK. The name says it out loud, these bibs are funky and have cheerful designs which is prefect for babies and bubbly toddlers. And you don't have to go far to order one as Bee Little sells these too. Yeayyyyy!
Grab this at RM16 each!

For more info and products for sale, you may head down to Bee Little FB Page. Most of their products are sourced from the UK and Europe, thus it explains why the price are cheaper than other online shops. Till then, happy shopping and salam Ramadhan.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aisyah Lily: The Birth

Thanks to my readers for all the warm wishes. Me and Aisyah are doing well (she's a healthy one week baby today!). I'm slowly adjusting my time to this whole new world of motherhood and enjoying every second of it. *love*

I gave birth to Aisyah in Hospital Serdang via normal delivery, it all happened at my 38 weeks of pregnancy. Yes, much earlier than the EDD which is supposed to be on the 20th July. Oh, here's the chronology (cewah!) of the days before Aisyah was born. Sharing is caring. :)

My waterbag broke exactly at 6.30am, on the same time the morning buzzer goes off. I immediately alarmed my husband, then took a shower and get ready while husband helped to prepare some things to bring to the hospital. By this time, the water keep leaking and I couldn't care less to change my panties and trouser after doing so for a few times already. I have to cover the car's cushion with a thick towel to prevent wetting all the way to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital and went straight to Dewan Bersalin. Registered, then they called up my name and I have to change my clothes to their pink uniform. I was still leaking, non-stop, but there's still no signs of contractions what-so-ever. The nurses came and did the usual check-up routines, performed a CTG and a doctor came in to see whether I have dilated or not. And yes, no dilation yet. :(

Camwhoring while waiting at Dewan Bersalin

Ward 5F/8

So I have to wait at the hall with my husband while they prepared for my ward admission sometime later in the evening. By 1pm, I started to feel uneasy and had some mild contractions, still bearable, and I can still munch on foods before my pantang starts. Hehe. Finally, around 3-ish I was admitted but still there's no signs of delivery anytime soon. They have to monitor me and the baby as I didn't stop leaking since this morning. 

Last shots being a whale (pregnant) before going into labour

Husband was with me until 8pm when the visiting time was over. Nurses came a few times for their usual check-ups that night and at 10pm, doctors came for their rounds and said I'll be induced if there's still no signs of dilation yet. 

At 1am, I started to have strong contractions but they weren't consistent, and yes, I was still leaking. I didn't feel good and had trouble sleeping the whole night. At 5am, a nurse woke me up as the doctor wanted to check on me. Went to Bilik Rawatan, where a group of expectant mothers were also waiting for their turns to see the doctor and they too, had contractions for hours already. The doctor checked my cervical opening and there's only 1cm dilation so it's confirmed, I have to be induced since it's been almost 24 hours since my waterbag broke. 

At around 7am, I finally have the real contractions and this time, they were frequent, maybe about 3 times in 5 minutes with some blood-shows. The pain was unbearable. I felt like dying and my waist-down was in pain like hell. The doctor came in and checked on me. At that time, I was at 3cm dilated. The doctor placed her finger further into my cervix to help it dilate more. Husband came early to the hospital and waited at the hall after I texted him saying that I'll be into labour anytime soon. 

By 9am, I really couldn't bear the pain and rang the nurses and doctors for epidural to help ease the pain. But no, they didn't want to give me any as they want me to dilate naturally and have normal delivery. By this time, I was at 5cm and a nurse inserted this 'ubat berak' where it resulted in me going to the toilet 3 times afterwards to ease my bowel. A doctor then ordered me to be wheeled into the labour room. 

In the labour room, a male doctor asked me a few questions and I couldn't care much to answer as I was in pain. Then he taught me how to push before a group of nurses and midwives came in to assist me during delivery. They called up my husband to accompany me in the labour room too (yeay!!!!) but during that time, I didn't care who was with me anymore. All I want was this whole process to be done and over with. 

3 hours after delivery. Tired but happy to the max!

The midwives were really supportive. They cheered me up. I had 4 unsuccessful attempts of pushing where finally on the fifth push, the baby is out and the moment I heard her cries, a wave of relieve surpassed me. It's finally over and I'm a mother now. Alhamdulillah! A nurse placed Aisyah on my chest for a brief bonding session before she was whisked away for bath and cleanse. The delivery resulted in me having 6 outer stitches and 10 inner stitches, ni semua sebab terangkat punggung masa push! The nurses chatted with me while the midwife did the stitching. I couldn't feel anything anymore as I've gone through the contractions before, which was the greatest pain everrrrrrrr. Once you went through it then you'll know how painful it is.

Me and Aisyah have to stay in the ward for one more night as the medical team wanted to monitor my baby and a sample of her blood was taken yesterday for lab purposes. Since I've been leaking for more than 24 hours, this procedure is normal since they want to detect any infections on the baby and she has to be monitored for two days. I was bored to death staying in the hospital. being a new mum, all alone and tired, with a baby to look after and these episiotomy cuts to care for. I just can't wait to go back home and have a rest with a proper sleep.

Aisyah all prepared to go home...

And Mommy looks like bibik! Hahahaha!

Finally, it was time to be discharged. Husband came early to help me pack. A nurse took Aisyah for a simple bath time while I went to see the doctor to check my episiotomy cut. So far, everything was looking good so phewwwwww! By 11am, husband has settled all the bill and discharged papers then it's time to go home! Wheeeeeeeee!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hi! This is going to be a short announcement...

It all happened during my 38 weeks 1 day of pregnancy.

I just gave birth to a precious little girl last Thursday, on the first day of Nisfu Syaaban. Alhamdulillah! Everything went well and yeah, I'm currently adjusting to my 360 degrees new-life experience. It ain't easy but I'm slowly coping up now.

Oh, here's a sneak peek of my newborn daughter:

Aisyah Lily binti Johan Adha
Born on 05/07/2012 at 10:52am in Hospital Serdang

We are truly grateful indeed. I'll blog about my experience before, during and after labour soon! In the meantime, please say hi to Aisyah. Hehehehe!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Decoration: Living Hall

Alhamdulillah! Husband received his bonus and an increment last week. Maybe rezeki baby, and we finally managed to get by with a few pending stuffs, mainly for the house.

Since I'll be away at my parent's for a full month confinement (macam la jauh sangat rumah, 10 minit je kotttt!), I guess it's best to leave the house in a proper condition and start decorating for Raya now, as I know I'll be busy and don't have much time to re-decorate it later.

Changed the cushions for the sofa and add on some decorations for this official living area which includes table mat, table lamp, frames and small vase. I decided to inject a serious persona for this space, thus explains the mundane and earthy tones. But a bit of colors won't do harm to avoid the dullness, right? And finally, we can hang the curtain after having a hard time finding an appropriate railing for the windows.

The old colorful cushions were put in good use and they matched the old white couch in this casual/tv area. I've always wanted to upholster the old wing chair to another color since the original fabric is too depressing for this area. Hahaha. But will do that one step at a time since we'll be spending a lot for sure, with the baby's coming and what nots.

The overall look of the living hall.

Next pictorial entries on decoration of our dining hall and room coming up soon! Just bear with me. Need to fork out money to realize my dreams. My readers and Nuffnang, please help me!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Online Shopping: Furniture & Home Decoration

I'm an avid shopper, be it online or offline. But now since I have limitations due to my pregnancy (my due date is in 2 weeks time!), I opted for online shopping since it's hassle-free and saves my time and energy. This time around, I decided to take a break from baby items since everything for her is all prepared, I'm just anxiously waiting for this bundle of joy to pop out.

My interest now has changed to home decoration. We've moved to this new house for almost 4 months now right after the renovation progress settled. Since then, I don't really have much time and money to decorate the house as I pleased because I wanted to prepare for the baby first. For a few months, the idea to decorate the interior has to be postponed and we just make do with whatever furniture that we have and bought earlier, until this last month of my pregnancy where I can finally take a breather from baby's stuffs and start focusing on the house instead.

Since we've got some of the decoration items beforehand, I just added on a few to the list to complete whichever that is not. That's when I stumbled upon Home 24, a Malaysian-based furniture and home deco online shopping. Yes, too good to be true but they do sell furniture online now! All you just have to do is browse through their online catalogue for your desired items, add them to your cart, make payment and wait for the items to be delivered at your doorstep. Easy, right?

Their simple and interactive website for your best viewing option

So I decided to give it a try and bought a few decoration items for the house. I signed up for their newsletter and received an instant RM20 rebate for purchases above RM100 in a single receipt. I opted for cash on delivery instead of online payment to see how it works. Right after I placed the order, their sales rep called up to re-confirm my order and said that the items will be delivered within 7 working days. That's a long wait but nevermind, let's just give it a try then. Mind you, I ordered these items on Wednesday evening at 5pm.

Then on Saturday morning (while I was still sleeping), I received a call from a courier company saying that my items from Home 24 will be delivered in 10 minutes. Wowwwww that was fast! I thought their delivery policy is within 7-14 working days. But mine only took 2 days. Excellent!

I was all excited when the box arrived!

Let's open it up and see what's inside...

The neatly packed items in plastic wrap. I bought 2 sets of curtain (for the living room) and 3 place mats. They even sent me another RM20 voucher for my next purchase. Total damage: RM90 + free delivery. Wheeeeeeeeee!

My verdict on Home 24? Happy and pleased. They have excellent customer service and delivery is fast than what I expect. Maybe I can try to purchase a few small furniture for the house on my next order, to see how it goes. Hehehehe. But for the time being, I'm happy with my current purchase and will definitely come back to Home 24 and shop again.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breastfeeding Items

I've been reading and learning things in regards to breastfeed from Google and breastfeeding groups, mostly. Very informative, I must say since I'm new to this.

This led me to other things, among them is preparing for the essential breastfeeding items. And I never knew they can be quite costly but of course, if you want the best and you have the cash, why don't you indulge in some fancy gadgets and stuff for your breastfeeding session.

I was tempted to buy Medela FS at first (well, who doesn't?) and have placed a deposit during a spree since it was quite cheap at that time. Then, it crossed my mind what if I can't express milk as much as I wanted it to be. Wouldn't it be a waste to spend so much on a breast pump knowing that I can use that same amount of money on something else? Then my sister suggested Spectra 300 which is quite good, very quiet and cute despite being slightly heavy and big. I was tempted (as usual!) but decided to settle on Spectra 3 instead since my SIL offers her extra, brand new Spectra much cheaper than market price. It was slightly heavy, well Spectra is known to be a little bit on a heavier side but who cares as long as they're working out good. At only RM250, she gave me a brand new set of Spectra 3, a cooler bag and 2 packs of 25pcs storage bags. Me and husband went giddy and excited trying out the breast pump all over our body. Hahaha!

Since my breast pump only provide a single breast shield, I need to buy another set to enable double pumping. Thank God my cousin sells all these breastfeeding products wayyyyyyyyy cheaper than their retail price. Plus, a little discount too since I'm a family member so yeay! Hahaha. I bought 2 box of 6 storage bottles (5oz) from Jingle Jungle at RM19 each and a pack of 6 bottles (2oz) from Treenie at RM17. The breast shield is only RM55 and the 3pcs ice pack from Jingle Jungle is at RM14. The total amount is disclosed since I'm a family and entitled for discount. Hehehe. But trust me, do buy from her if you want something cheaper. Visit her Facebook page or Mudah listing for pricing and contact details.

Wish me luck on my breastfeeding journey! If all is well, maybe I can upgrade myself to a Medela FS someday. Hehehe.

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