Thursday, March 5, 2015

Birthday Preparation: Part 1


Okay. Don't ask me why I disappeared. I know it's been almost 3 years. But the reason is so cliche, I am busy. Haha. And please bear with me since I'm a little bit rusty in writing after all these years.

So moving forward, this post is wholly dedicated on the preparation of my daughters' birthday. For those of you who missed the latest news, yes, I am now a mother of two adorable and cheeky little girls.

Anyway, back to the story. I have been planning to host a birthday do for my girls since early this year. The girls were born in February and July respectively, so I thought a joined celebration between the two months would be great.

The birthday theme will be Wild Wild West / Cowboy / Western, whatever you might want to call it. Being a very detailed me, I spent quite some time searching for vendors and looking for a venue. Both me and my husband have a big family and most of them stayed around Klang Valley, so the number of guests will definitely exceeds 50 pax. Finding a place that can accommodate my guests is crucial too seeing that we have to oversee the budget as well.

After painfully scouting around, I decided to settle at Nando's Citta Mall. The restaurant is very near to my workplace so I can easily pop by whenever I have things to discuss with the Restaurant Manager. They have the usual menu with bottomless beverages (yeay!), Plus, the restaurant decoration fits my theme. They can even accommodate my 60 guests and that's just great.

As for the candy table, I tried to avoid all those hard candy, chocolates and snacks and asked my vendor to change the menu so both kids and adults can enjoy it too. I might as well changed the name to dessert table instead. This is where I wanted to put the birthday cakes and it will be the prominent point during the kids' cake cutting session. Here's what I have in mind:

I wanted the table to be simple and rustic at the same time, with lots of brown and a bit of blue and red. I hope the vendor can pull it off according to my liking.

I shall share my next ideas on my next post, so that'll keep me writing (no reasons to disappear anymore!). Vendors and their contacts will be revealed after the party so I can justify whether they are worth for hire to or not.

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