Monday, January 25, 2010

Make-up Artist Booked!

Credited from LOVA



Finally booked Lova for my nikah and reception. She's friendly, I like. Seperti ada chemistry di situ. Hehehe.

So that's one thing I can slash off my list. Phewww!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sharing Information

I just got back from OU and guess what I found? A corner punch! I've been to all three craft stores in the mall just to find the punch I've been looking for. And when I'm just about to give up, I finally found one within my budget at Craft Haven. Retails at RM28. The SA was so helpful she even tried the punch on my draft card just to make sure the curve fits the card. And it did fit nicely. I'm happy!

Corner punch from Craft Haven 1 Utama.

Oh. There's this other craft shop in OU called Scrap Book Memories (2nd floor, old wing) that sells corner rounders as well but they're a bit expensive. The smallest one is priced at RM40+. I'm not surprised because they are from Fiskars.

For your art and crafting needs, I suggest you these two outlets for supplies. They have various pre-made stamps which is fun and pretty (price varies according to the size), stamp pads in various colors, alphabet stickers and much more. Or if you prefer to shop online, I love Scrap n Crop. Otherwise, click on Sheerah for an extensive link of almost the up-to-date craft supplies in Malaysia.

Do you still remember my post about wanting to find popsicle sticks which are slightly bigger than the usual ones? Yes, I've found it too. After googling on the net, I found the supplier. They actually supply medical products. And the sticks are actually called tongue depressor, used by doctors. But nobody can tell they're actually medical products, right? I called up Zipper Marketing. They're located in Skudai, Johor. The sticks are priced at RM5 per box, which contains 100pcs sticks inside. If you need a courier service, they charged RM10 for it. You can either call or email them for payment details. I tried emailed them and the reply came within 6 hours, which is pretty quick for a supplier company. :)

The cheap wooden sticks for my wedding program project.

Last Sunday, I went to Jalan TAR with Hanis, my little sister, to buy some kain for my bridesmaids during nikah and stuffs for my DIY project. Jakel was having sale on that day so I bought 16 metres of greenish blue crepe for my bridesmaids. Total? RM96. Happy! Then went to Bunga Riben to buy some flowers for my DIY pomander balls project. Priced at RM15.90 per pack (fixed price!). You can get 2 pomander balls done with it. Mind you, these are small pomander balls. They are priced at RM1 per ball at Sin Yin Semua House but the lady sold it to me at RM9 altogether. Hehe.

The end result of my blue pomander balls.

Do let me know if you B2B out there need more info yeah? I'll be glad to help. :)

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