Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Latest Purchase

I'm only at 17 weeks but it seems like I already bought most of the baby stuffs. I can safely say that I have completed almost 50% of my checklist (mostly babywear). There are reasons why I buy things much earlier. Firstly it's because I like to prepare well ahead. Yes. I cannot imagine having my husband to buy baby stuffs. He doesn't know much (me too!), well I can't blame him because this is his first time and typically, he's a guy. Never count on a man to do a woman's job. From what I observe, he's more into gadgets and toys, so I think strollers would be his forte. I have to teach him the importance of buying a good breastpump, having a sterilizer at home, the correct teats for bottles for breastfed babies and the list goes on. He's learning a thing or two, but I know I have to prepare everything by myself while I can, so as not to burden him.

Secondly, I know I will not feel good when I reach the third trimester, earliest at 6 month. I have low lying placenta which means, I cannot move or walk much. I have to rest most of the time and this restricts me from being active, out and about. I can't roam the malls searching for baby items when I'm constantly tired, with swollen feet and panting for air. No no, that's not a good sight. Thus, to play safe it's best if I just prepare earlier.

Third, it's the money matters. Yes, having a baby is not costly but the mindset makes it so. Sure you can just buy a bundle of clothes of 5 for RM20. Now, that's not expensive right? It's more to your personal view. If you want better stuffs for the baby, you have to fork out some money. As for me, I love everything pretty. Well, who doesn't? And I know my taste, so I have to do something to fulfill it. If I buy things bit by bit, it wouldn't be too costly. Just imagine if every month you spend about RM150 - RM200 for baby stuffs, by the 4th month you have everything completed without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Compared to if you buy whole lotta things in a month, complete but it costs you RM800, isn't it a headache? So it's better to start off early. Just my own humble opinion.

As usual, I always love good bargains. I went window shop at Sunway Pyramid with dear husband and being me, it's impossible to not buy something along the way. With a baby coming its way, I have more reasons to shop. Haha.

 I know the colors are mundane. These are for baby's basic wear from Cotton On Kids. 4pcs leggings, 2 beanie hats and 2 pair of socks at RM154. The washcloth is in a pack of two (8pcs per pack), priced at RM20. From Mom's Care.

Cotton On Kids is having a promotion. If you spend RM150 and above in a single receipt, you're entitled for an RM80 voucher. Valid for redemption from 13th - 28th February 2012. Steal! I've been eyeing their grobags, y'know.

And last week, we went to Babyland SS2 just to have a look around. I managed to grab some items to complete my checklist.

Purchases from Babyland SS2. Nothing fancy, just the normal items. Grand total: RM145.

Tommee Tippee bottles in 5oz (RM33) and 9oz (RM35). In a box of two. I want to buy the tinted ones but they are quite expensive. I found cheaper options at One Baby World. Will go there one of these day.

Hand mitten and booties set. I love Tollyjoy mitten sets because they don't print their brand name on their products. Plus, their booties have fleece kinda material for the feet. Adorable. Plain set is RM5.90. Printed set is at RM6.90. 


choclairissa @ intan marliana February 11, 2012 at 3:16 PM  

Wow buying baby stuffs on 17 weeks..hehe but u have good reasons dear..take care :-)

NoRr February 11, 2012 at 10:04 PM  

my baby maryam pun ade the same mittens & booties hug me tu and also i love mummy & daddy fav, hug me sebab maryam was so tiny, jadi most of the mitten n booties dia smua oevrsize for her at that time. sampai kitorang kena ikat dengan tali, but hug me tu, ok, comel je, kecik..heheheh

anyways, shopping for the baby has no ending, trust me, once u start, u can never stop. it's crazy...whenever u go u will buy a thing or two for the lil darling...heeee *bengkrap*

NoRr February 11, 2012 at 10:05 PM  

*where ever

ReYNa February 12, 2012 at 6:11 PM  

x tau pulak cotton on pon ada utk kids.huhu.comel la beanie hats tu.oh.btw, thanks review jugak stuff that u bought from UK.sbb mmg tercari2 org yg bleh belikan baby stuff from UK.yeayyy!

amElyn February 14, 2012 at 9:49 AM  

baru lepas shop at cotton on kids!! hihihi.
eh congrats anyway on your pregnancy! baru tahu.. =)

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