Sunday, July 12, 2009

Approved or Rejected

This post is published pending for Johan's approval. Remember I said, about wanting to buy my wedding dresses online? So it happens Johan needs to foresee my choice(s) first before I end up buying them. He always think I have inappropriate choice of clothing, hahaha, he knows what I meant.

And so the previous post was up. It was regarding my choice of reception wedding dress. If he approves any one of them, only then I can go online and happily order my dress. Wheeeeee! Otherwise, I have to resort to another option, eg; more online and offline scouting. *sigh*

So here I'm gonna reveal my choice of akad nikah dress. Since the akad will most probably be held at the mosque, I need to find long and less fitted long dress to suit the ceremony and place. I was busily finding one on the net (as usual), and was stumbled upon an Arabian gal's blog, she's currently residing in Canada. She gave me ideas and inspirations for brides wearing hijab. And upon further bloghopping and such, I was introduced to online websites selling abayas/tunics etc. But most of them are too plain or boring or usual. Until, I went to Artizara and fell in love with their long gown.

The dress is currently on sale at USD149. It comes with free wrap, the material is georgette (I LOVE GEORGETTE!) and it's in ivory! It's fully lined and the style resembles and Egyptian queen, don't you think so? I love the gold threads. They emphasized luxury and the dress is simple enough I can play around with big antique brooch or chunky accessories or fascinator for the wrap. Awesome, awesome I must say!

But it's all depends on Johan. Let's just hope this one will gain his nods, I do wish so. *prays*


colourlicious July 14, 2009 at 12:59 PM  

perlukan khidmat jurugambar?
kami mengalu-alukan anda untuk melayari web kami untuk lebih lanjut.

kami sedang mengadakan promotion dan kami juga menyediakan pakej ekonomi tetapi amat berkualiti.

Sha Pattinson July 23, 2009 at 4:04 PM  

OMG ..!! OMG !! OMG!!! i adore this dress ..tingking to this dress for malam berinai ..

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