Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Best of DIY

I'm gonna DIY my wedding deco as much as I can. I'm a crafty person, and I'm not planning to waste my talent down the drain. I spend most of my time googling wedding blogs eversince I got engaged, particularly those from US because they have extensive instructions on DIYs and they do share lots of infos and spark brilliant ideas for your wedding.

HOWeverrrr, Johan wants to have a traditional Malay wedding, while I on the other hand, prefers laidback wedding (realllyyyyy?), particularly garden-themed wedding. But seeing that it's almost impossible to make my dreams come true (Malaysia is humid, I don't prefer my guests to be drenched in sweats while munching on spicy wedding food!), the only choice is we have to combine those two elements and blend it so the wedding will reflect both. You got what I mean? Traditional elements will probably have to be in terms of attire, food and yeah, pelamin maybe? However, I wanted the deco to be installed in English-styled elements. Most importantly, they must be DIY-ed. Here are my ideas. Feel free to copycat for your wedding, ok darlings? Theeheee...


  • When the guests come in, they'll be greeted by a section where guests will take their wedding programs and they'll be given a piece of paper/doily to write/wish us their wedding notes. Notes can either be hanged on a tree branch or put in a birdcage.

  • Wishtree for the newlyweds

    Or the birdcage notes inspiration

    • The wedding aisle/walkway will be decorated with pomanders of various sizes and must be according to the theme color. However, there will be no black pomanders as the color is too dominant. Pomanders will be in red, rich purple and white. Ok, maybe a bit of black as well. Just for the sake of it.

    Pretty pomanders for your wedding

    • Let's go green. Put the favors inside the hideous brown paper bags. Spice them up, with personalized tags/stickers. Templates for stickers can be found everywhere on the net. Stickers can be found from local stationaries in Brickfields at RM30 for 100pcs (A4 size).
      I'm planning to set up a cookies counter next to the favors table, and I'll be using the brown paper bags to pack the cookies.

    These are wonderful ideas. I'm soooooooooo gonna do this!

    Okay, I have soooo much to share actually, the ideas are endless. But let's hope ini bukan angan-angan Mat Jenin sahaja. Elly, kau jangan plan tak serupa bikin pula. Aku benci. Johan baca post ini pasti akan muntah dengan senang hatinya. Sekian, terima kasih.


    Anonymous July 6, 2009 at 5:32 PM  

    Hi Elly,

    I love the idea of using brown paper bag. Looks different and cheap;p
    But anyway, where can I find the brown paper bag? -liana

    ms j July 23, 2009 at 1:17 AM  

    i like this idea too. and hey the brickfiled place u mention tu can print skali ke apa? and if yes, can we use our own design?

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