Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why I Insist On Wearing White for Wedding

The title sounds a bit controversial. Ecehhhh... seeing that each bride has their own opinions regarding color, style and flow of her own wedding. The same goes to me. This is just merely my point of view. Hope it won't offend anyone out there.

I once have this vision of having my dream wedding in pink, where everyone wears pink. If possible, I want everything, EVERYTHING you know, from the scallop, dais, doorgift, deco and such to be in pink. And so it happens, I finally made my dream comes true by holding my engagement ceremony in yeah, you've guessed it, PINK. My whole family wears pink. Johan wears pink. My hantarans are in pink eventho they're for Johan. I even asked the caterer to prepare air bandung since it's in pink. Thank God he refused the idea seeing that it's not suitable for older people since they mix it with soda. Oh wells.

Anyway, I was happy, you know. Because finally, what I dreamed of has been realized. But not until I saw the photos from my OP. It's nice actually (ayat untuk sedapkan hati) but.... people often get confused when they look at my album. It was hard to acknowledge who's getting engaged because all of my family members were dressed in pink. To make matters worse, my older sister even wore her super sexy lace short pink kebaya with corset. Whilst me, the one who got engaged just wore a simple kurung pahang in songket with simple veil. So sekali pandang, macam my sister pulak yang bertunang dengan bajunya yang beriya-iya itu. Hahaha!

Mistake number one from my engagement ceremony. My lil sister, me & my older sister all in pink.

My boss' daughter during her wedding. See... everybody wore the same color combination. (but I do heart her dresses from Rizman Ruzaini though. Pretty!!!!)

Since then I make a pact of never want to wear my wedding dress in the same color as the family member does on my wedding. However, it's hard to please everybody. What's more with me having a combined wedding. My family would be okay since I knew them inside out, so a little persuading from a daughter should do the trick. But I know it's gonna be hard on Johan's family. He told me last week that his mom and aunt commented on our choice of color for nikah and reception. We're gonna wear ivory/off-white/cream color, whatever you calls it, for both event. I wanted white, but I know it's gonna make us both look fat so I opted for a bit yellowish color in it thus ivory comes to my mind. MIL said it makes no difference on Johan since he'll be wearing ivory baju melayu for both nikah and reception.

Okay, so this is what I suggested to Johan. For nikah, he should make baju melayu from ivory colored crepe (no satin please, I don't want him to look awful and shiny and bulging in the photos later on. It's for your own good, sayang...). To make things different, he can wear teal samping (or hints of blue) since my solemnization's theme color is teal.

This is just an example of baju melayu with blue samping. Of course Johan's would be just a simple baju melayu in ivory, minus the tanjak and overcoat.

A for reception, I advised him to make baju melayu from shantung or duchess in ivory. He can team it up with keris, tanjak, keris-shaped buttons (I saw one in Jedan at SACC Mall priced at RM55) and samping in the same shade or whichever suits best. There is a difference for your outfits dear eventho they are in the same color.

An example for complete outfit on reception. I hope Johan changed his mind and wears proper shoes rather than capal. Maybe I should wear super high heels just to intimidate him so he'd wear shoes to be at the same height with me. *evil grin*

I hope this clears you up, dear. I'm thinking about your outfits too okay.

White/off-white doesn't have to be boring. At least, people will immediately acknowledge who's the bride and groom because we are the only one who wears white. And it left me with no worries thinking that my sister and other people can wear french lace whichever way they want because for sure they aren't gonna be in the same color as us. I do think it's rude when you wear white/off-white while attending weddings because for once, let's just reserved the color to the bride and groom, yeah?

On the other hand, Johan and MIL have bought red colored materials for their whole family to be worn on our reception. It got me thinking to propose my family to wear black, you know, just to let people know the red team is Johan's and the black team is Elly's. Hahaha.


Jaslin Jamaludin February 20, 2010 at 12:19 AM  

hye, im just a silent reader tp mlm ni taknak silent dah.
this is only my point of view ya.
white /off-white mmg cantik n sgt suci la for bride & groom.
tp kalau putih saja mcm dull.
kalau mix with another colour akn naik seri lagi, cantik.
eg : mix with lilac or pink. ouh, cantik2. and the black colour for ur team, sgt suit with the red colour for ur fiance's team.

Elly Anaille February 20, 2010 at 7:52 AM  

hehe..tula jaslin. klu ade mix with other colors mmg lagi naik seri. tapi i ni degil. kalau nk mcm tu, mcm tu la jugak. uh uh! *slap me pls..*

Jaslin Jamaludin February 20, 2010 at 2:49 PM  

u plan nak pakai white/off-white saje ke?
grey n white pon santek.
btw, ur majlis bln 10-11 ke?

bulanbintangkejora February 20, 2010 at 3:59 PM  

i pon suke sgt ngn tunang aritu dh pink, so mcm xvarietu plak asek2 pink,tp ati meronta2 nak pink lagi. tp sadly dh bakal suami dh naik2 kening say NO.haha..

i pun suke kulit xbrape nk cerah.. mcm takut nk pakai putih..

Moose February 20, 2010 at 6:56 PM  

hi darl, i also wrote the same topic. i'm not too keen on the "boria" concept for too long. but hey, diff people, diff taste right? if the westerners can pull it off for centuries, then so can we, right?

Elly Anaille February 21, 2010 at 9:08 AM  

majlis i 24 oct nnt. hehe. nmpknye dear mmg we stick to the plan la nk pkai off white gak since bf i pun dah sgt ok with the idea. kang kalau i tukar2 lagi mengamok lak die. huhu.

hehe. dear..boleh je pakai putih, doesn't matter what color is your skintone. black ppl tu ok je wedding pkai white/off-white. cantik jugak tau!

yup yup! i ade baca your entry regarding this color combination/boria too. very useful indeed. and thank God finally there's someone out there who shares the same opinion like i do. :D

Sha Pattinson February 21, 2010 at 5:53 PM  

kalau nak brani better mix color ..nampak naik u see ..ehehehe ... but actually for wedding white is the best color lah .. can't wait to see ur wedding dear ... :D

Jaslin Jamaludin February 21, 2010 at 7:26 PM  

24 oct? cannot wait la, hehe.
tu la.
i pun nak pakai white for wedding but mcm tak masuk je. i golap.
however, nak merasa jugak white tu on the solemnization day, will mix with purple.
all the best ya.
selamat membridal.

Ami Schaheera February 22, 2010 at 11:53 AM  

haahahaha OMG we're so alike! i pun sama.. i taknak my family semua sama warna with me and i hope no one will wear white on my reception and pls no one wear turquoise for bertandang.

bride should stand out, not blend in.. in my opinion lah... hehe

Ami Schaheera February 22, 2010 at 12:37 PM  

but actually satin ada banyaaak jenis, not necessarily yg berkilat2 tu.. ada jenis bridal satin yang lebih keras, better shape for the gown and not too shimmery. (belajar dari amir :P)

Elly Anaille February 22, 2010 at 5:12 PM  

all this while i just thought satin is the shiny2 one tu. OMG! sangat tak suke okeh. nampak bulging tummy and selulit segala. bagus ni berguru dari amir. hehe.

sarahsayangjiman February 22, 2010 at 7:42 PM  

the same with meeee..i want both families to be wearing 2 different sets of colors.

i dont like satin yang shiny2 tu gak..kekadang kalo tak iron bebetul nampak je dalam pic..tak suka..

Iron Butterfly August 24, 2010 at 12:59 PM  

hey ya. i've been reading ur blog since morning. first time here.

since you're a perfectionist i'd like to point out that usually men always wear black Melayus for evening functions. kalau siang tak sesuai.

i learnt this from my late grandpa, the oldest metrosexual i have known in my life. he used to attend functions at the Palace a lot so that's the code's like lah. No blacks di siang hari.

just sharing. (coz we wanted our cousins to wear black melayus but he told us not to. so all the boys wore pink or cream. he he)

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