Monday, February 22, 2010

UPDATE! Gable Boxes

Okay. So I finally found a local supplier for gable boxes while simultaneously searching online. It's from PPH, located in Penang. Finding this, I know I can finally save my time, energy and petrol. No need to go all the way to Jln. Pudu or Brickfields for paper printing.

I got an instant quotation from the sales admin. The box is priced at RM0.70/pc. The delivery fee is charged at RM50 (sape-sape balik kampung ke Penang I nak kirim this just to cut cost. Hehehe.. ;p). So the total price for 800pcs of this box including delivery is RM610. Cheap? No. But I think it is relatively reasonable considering the box is quite big and is made of hard paper. For sure it is sturdy and able to hold the weight of an apple.

I did ask them if they are able to custom made the boxes in certain color. It is possible but it must be in large quantity. For 800pcs, no, tak layan. You have to buy their ready-made white boxes jugak. It's ok then. We can play around with ribbons and stickers. Not a problem.

On the other hand, my mom is still undecided on the favors. Since both of our family has agreed to sponsor the favors, and there's a greenlight from the other side, so now I'm just waiting for my mom's. I'm annoyed whenever she suggested on giving out the 'expected' favors. I strictly told her I don't want those regular bekas mengkuang, handkerchief, candle, things that collecting dusts later on, etc. I'm demanding, I know. But it's our wedding, at least let us (mainly ME!) have it our way. Since the other side has decided to give out edible items as wedding favor (which I think is cool considering they won't be such a waste after all), I thought my mom should do the same. But she loathe the bahulu idea. Bleh! I know there's gonna be a HUGE row between me and my mom later on regarding this matter.

Back to the boxes, it's not confirmed yet. I haven't placed my order as I need to discuss further with the others. Budget, it is important!


Moose February 23, 2010 at 10:10 AM  

finally! jumpa jugak gable box idaman hati you tu..hihi. i like edible wedding gifts because it's not gonna be a waste and people i believe dont simple throw it away.

Elly Anaille February 24, 2010 at 4:07 PM  

haha. yeah moose. FINALLY!!! jumpa jugak. tapi kena meet my budget jgk. we'll least now i have the option.. :D

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