Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feather Trees

I'm in love with these pretty table centerpieces! They are fluffy and resemble palm trees very much. For bolder look, you can change the color of the ostrich plumes to your liking. For fun addition, make it bright pink or electric blue! For weddings, it's appropriate to be in white. Cantikkkk!

So me, being a fickle-minded bridezilla, went online and search for wholesalers of ostrich plumes here in Malaysia. The result? Na-da! There are a lot in Ebay tho, and they are international sellers. The price is cheap but take into account of shipping charges to Malaysia. I did ask one of the sellers. They quoated USD$150 for 240pcs (medium size) ostrich plumes in black and red + express shipping. You do the math. Yes, RM500+ for feathers ONLY! So not worth it ok. I can do a lot with RM500 than just pay for feathers.

The solution? Just buy any color of your preferred bunga manggar. Thank God we bought these cheap bunga manggar earlier during last Christmas at Ikano (they were having SALE for christmas deco and I can't resist!). Paste the bunga manggar to a wire, make about 20 pcs per vase (depends on the size of your vase). Arrange and stick them together to form the leaves of palm tree. Then assemble them in your long vase. Haha. I know this is just merely an instruction. I haven't tried it out yet. Will do so in the future for your reference.

Oh wells, gotta hit the book. Got an important exam tomorrow.

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