Friday, April 27, 2012

House Renovation: Vendors Details (Part II)

I'm on EL this whole week because my car broke down on Tuesday morning and husband is not around to help me bring it to the workshop. So I'm sort of on 'house-arrest', seeing that I have no transport to move around. Trust me, it's not fun staying at home with nothing much to do. I was bored to death.

Okay, let's just skip that part. It's not that important anyway.

Hey, I know I promised you a second post on details of my vendors. So here you go. I guess it's all complete now. It's now time to decorate our new pod and that means, cash is rolling into the drain and I'm really broke (eventho it was just payday yesterday!) Please, please, please I'm in need of a relief donation. Huhu!


As you know, budget is our main priority. Since we have a major renovation, that means everything needs to be replaced and the same goes to the lightings. I decided to forego the original lampu kalimantang and spent a few bucks on new soft light lamps. We browsed through Mudah and found cheaper solution for it. We bought ours at wholesale price and mind you, they are really, really cheap and the owner does give some good pointers and suggestions on the lightings. The shop has quite a few choices to your liking (as shown in pictures). Just drop by to Silver Star Wholesale Lighting Enterprise, located on the top floor in The 19 USJ Digital Mall. You can contact the owner at 014-2272368 for directions.

Most of my furniture are from Macy. I bought them while they were on sale at the end of last year and thus it was a bargain. They're not entirely cheap nor expensive, but I was hooked on some of their design and decided to buy them eventho we weren't sure of renovating the house at that time. And I'm just glad I bought them much earlier because apparently they're no longer re-produce certain designs that we have. Phewwwwwww! My black sofa is from Macy Seri Kembangan while my bedframe and dining table set are from Macy IOI Mall. I think it's best to buy from them when they're having their major sale. Super cheap and choices are a plenty, I tell you!

We got the contact from family, where apparently most of my husband's relatives used their service whenever they want to have new grills for the house. After getting some ridiculous quotations from other vendors, we decided to hire them because they have the cheapest and most affordable rates in town. We managed to get by with only 3k to do grills the whole house, including the main gate. Isn't it cheap? You can contact Ahlim Engineering at 012-3091087 for quotation and discussion.

Astro / Streamyx Relocation
It was a headache at first when we want to find someone to move our readily installed Astro and Streamyx to the new address. So I went online and found a contact who can relocate my Astro. My husband decided to dismantle the dish by himself to save cost so we just hire a wireman to re-install our Astro at the new house. The charge is RM100 for installing the dish and RM150 for dismantling and installing the dish from your old place to your new house. You can contact Mizan at 019-2832487. As for Streamyx relocation, I just went to TM Point office in USJ Taipan (since I stayed in Subang previously) and filled up a form to apply for relocation. Within 7 working days, their assigned vendor will contact you to install the new line and you'll be charged RM30 for the service. As usual, they can be quite a slowmo at times so it's best to keep contacting them if they failed to do so after the promised period.

Hmmmm, I think that's all the details and contacts that I have so far. I can't think of anymore right now. Do let me know if I missed on anything. Will surely keep you informed and updated then. :)


Reen Tart Nenas April 27, 2012 at 4:06 PM  

dear, since your flooring tu pun jenis marble, you ada panggil org utk polish tak? ada chinnese guy nie offer utk hall saja rm380. rasa mcm mahal pula. duit abes dah nie. tp marble tak kilat2 :(

Syima Syaz April 30, 2012 at 9:34 PM  

erk... reen..hari tu my mum pun upah orang kilatkan marble tapi tak kilat my SIL buat sendiri.. kilat sgt..sentiasa. dia cakap jenis marble.entahla....

sedih sikit sbb terlepas rumah yang kami sepatutnya beli...agent dah jual kt orang lain...hampa

Elly Anaille April 30, 2012 at 10:28 PM  

Reen: x tau la nk ckp murah ke x babe sbb I x tau market price utk floor polishing ni. Nak kilatkan pun mmg mahal kan... Huuuuuu

Syima: eh, ur SIL guna ape ek utk kilatkan marble? Nak kilatkan marble I jugak nih...

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