Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sneak Peek!

Okay kids, look at my ticker on your right hand side. It's 10 more months to my wedding day! *gulps*

I'm just glad I've sorted out almost 1/4 of the important part of the wedding. I've been pestering Johan to move his ass up. Most of the time, it resulted in me and him getting into a fight. Petty little things just gone haywire sometimes. He's been a slob regarding this wedding thingy. But I guess, any guy would be just like him right?

Honestly, I have to put up this picture because Johan looks just so cute over here. Okay, gediks. But I love to know how he has worked so hard to maintain the little house where we will be living few years after we get married. I love the old house but it just needs a lot of repairwork. The damage is beyond words. :(

Okay, let's move on.

Pardon the wrinkles. I was just too lazy to iron it up from packaging.

For the sneak peek: that's my jubah for the nikah ceremony. Remember the one I bought online all the way from UK at Al-Hijaab for only RM350 including delivery? So here's the one. Requested the color in ivory and custom made according to my measurements and likings with only extra 5 pounds. Cheapo! I've sent it over to Zaza to add some blings at the bottom of the dress and around the sleeves. The selendang (it comes free with the jubah as well!) will be touched up with some diamonds too, and it will be my veil. She promised it'll be done by end of February. Owh I can't wait! Will surely post pics on the completed jubah once it's in my hands.

Next task: to find mini tudung to match the dress and veil.


Najia February 19, 2010 at 4:15 PM  

so this is the jubah! its so pretty! mcm nak order je hehe :) blh gi masjid or any function kan. its so pretty!

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