Friday, December 25, 2009

Bridesmaids Attire

Hi there! How you've been doing? I haven't blogged here for more than a month. That's long. I've been a silent reader all this while. No mood to update actually. A lot have been going on in this few weeks. I was on holiday to Indo with family last month. Been searching for wedding related stuffs and such up to now. I'll make a separate post regarding my trip, just because. And two cousins of mine have been married in a month's time. Owh, congrats to all brides of December, especially you bloggers out there. It's nice to know you had a beautiful wedding of your own. Can't wait for mine. :D

I just came back from IOI Mall for some material shopping. Kain for my bridesmaids actually. I planned to have 4 bridesmaids. They will be a perfect bunch for our photo session on my wedding day later. I've commenced Yan, my bestie and Aby, my cousin. They both have confirmed their availability. Now I need 2 more girls to complete the group. My two cousins in Belgium will be the potential bridesmaids. But they haven't confirmed their availability yet. My wedding date is clashed with their job and school. So I need a backup, just in case. Most of my cousins of my age have been married. This is tough. Will sort it out later.

Talking about kain, I didn't buy the expensive lace, chiffon, satin material, etc for my bridesmaids. It's just a cheap plain kain. Only at RM6.50 per metre at Tewah IOI Mall. The kains are all very cheap, me likey! I bought 16 metre of the red kain, at only RM104. I wanted to make a nice kurung moden with my tailor and once it's done, I'll ask Zaza to do some beadings and patch some lace. Each baju, tho they are the same design but each will have different beadings and lace patches, just to make sure everyone is not wearing the same outfit like everybody else. I know how sometimes we hate wearing the same. So my bridesmaids will have their own special works on the baju kurung.

I'll get my bridesmaids to send me their measurements asap because I'll start sending off the kain to my tailor latest by the end of January 2010. The design would be something like this:

I want fitted kurung top with kain kembang. The sleeves would be like the one Siti Nurhaliza is wearing. The color and beadings/lace patches would be exactly like the one Saida is wearing (I hate the sleeves tho!). Wheeeeee! Pictures are from CARI.

I'll send this sketch to my tailor, minus the bell-sleeves. My preference sleeves would be slim, fitted style. Need to tell the tailor to make some amendments on this picture. Credited to the talented designer. I've lost the link. Got it over Google, as usual.


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