Saturday, August 22, 2009

Red and Black Reception

As planned, we are going to use black and red for the wedding reception's theme color. Somehow, we haven't decided who's family going to wear red and who's going to wear black. But most probably, my family will be wearing black. Hahaha. Glamourous black ok, not dead-mourning black. ;p

I'm in the midst of searching for vendors who can provide black and red tablecloth/chair cover. It's a bit difficult to find one, maybe because this color combination is still a bit new in Malaysia, or people just don't find it appealing for wedding. But tell me just whatever, I still find these colors glamourous. But I don't want gothic-lookalike event like Elyana's engagement ceremony. Total turn off!

The only vendor (I've stumbled upon to) that have everything that I wanted in red and black mode is Puteris. I'm gonna contact her to ask for quotation. Do let me know if you brides/future brides out there have any other options for me. Your help is very much appreciated!

Pictures courtesy of Puteris flickr. I love these combination. It looks less gothic because of the white tablecloth.


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