Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birdnest as Wedding Favor

Modern brides tend to choose doorgifts that are practical and useful for their guests. The same goes with me. Personally, I prefer edible wedding favors for my guests. I don't believe in decorative items as doorgift. Not all of your guests have the same taste as you, and deco items will be collecting dusts if they have no ideas on how to use them and soon they'll be visiting the trash. So it's not practical after all.

At first, I wanted to give a gigantic bahulu (ok, I'm exaggerating here) as doorgift for my guests, with handmade black box and red ribbons but Johan's cousin chose it earlier as doorgifts during her wedding few months back. So, I must resort to another options. Johan's mother insists on having eggs as wedding favor, I can't literally say NO because after all, the moms gotta have the votes and it's her son's wedding too. I can't simply butt in and object, plus egg is the traditional Malay wedding favor and symbolises fertility.

I made frequent research on the beloved Google and I'm thinking of giving birdnest filled with egg(s) for my guests. It's cheap and it has egg(s) in it. Yeay! I scouted and found a local site that sells birdnest. Too bad it's not edible. I wish the nest could be edible, eg; nest made in wajik or cakar ayam. They are traditional and my Johorean side would be delighted. Hehehe. I did ask aound and most of them are expensive. So the answer is NO. I'm on budget.

Pictures are from Google Image

I can fill the nest with telur puyuh, telur ayam, telur masin or even egg-shaped chocolates. The choices are endless and they are cute. Aren't they? I know many brides have made this as their wedding favor but heck, I still want it for my wedding. It's unique and still traditional. Most of all, it suits my future in-law's requirements. Hehehe.


Anonymous September 18, 2010 at 4:59 AM  

here's an edible nest.

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