Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Krabi: What To Do?

Apart from the excellent beach and the sea activity, the one thing (or two!) that you can do in Krabi other than shopping is pampering yourself with a good massage.

Massage is very popular in this area and very cheap too. A standard 1-hour Thai massage will only cost you RM20-RM30 on average. How does that sound? Massage service is practically everywhere in Ao Nang. Most of them offer the same price, so you just have to choose, let them do their job and pay. We discovered massage service on our second day and went nuts. We pampered ourselves for the next 3-days, straight! Most parlours have happy hour from 10am until 2pm where everything becomes 50% less! Yeay! So choose wisely okay.

Based on my personal view, the best massage parlour is at Golden Beach Resort. They have this big hut where patrons have open massage facing the sea. Very relaxing, windy and I fell asleep listening to the sea wave. But if you're kinda shy, I think this place is not suitable for you.

The manicure and pedicure is real cheap too. I did manicure, pedicure and nail painting with blings, all at RM45. But I think it's just average, nothing to shout about. With that price, you can't complain much. But still, it's considerably cheap compared to KL.

My nail color is shite because I still have my henna color on my nails. I need to find color that resembles the henna thus the F-ugly choice. Haha!

If you want to head down to Krabi, please allocate some money to pamper yourself okay. Most probably you'll become a frequent patron at massage centres during your visit. :D


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