Monday, December 6, 2010

Review: Entertainment

We hired a band to perform during the whole time of the reception. My parents have this thing towards live band, and I knew they're gonna be happy to have someone to sing during my wedding day. I'm sorry but I just don't like karaoke session at wedding. It spoils the mood. I much preferred to leave the singing job to professionals. And I HATE babbling DJ who talks like they're promoting stuffs in supermarket. Please don't. That's why we asked 2 of our friends to be the emcee for the day. And I think they did an excellent job. Will review about it later.

I knew hiring a live band to sing for 4 hours gonna cost me a bomb. Everywhere I asked, they charged between 3k-4k. That's damn expensive! Eventho the price inclusive all; transportation, speakers, instruments etc. But still, I cannot afford that.

I went around and almost gave up when I stumbled upon Ezura Entertainment. I personally dealt with Zura, gave her what I need in a band and she gave me the quotation thru e-mail. I never met her until during the wedding day. Everything were discussed thru phone calls, e-mails and SMSes. 2 weeks before the actual event, I gave her a list of English and Malay songs for them to rehearse and perform for the reception.

During the day, I was too busy to monitor everything and as far as I knew, they are punctual, very professional and did their job on time. I never had the chance to hear them sing actually because I was too overwhelmed to meet friends and relatives. But people came up to us and complemented on the band. Good reviews okay. Especially among the youngsters. But some old-timers did say the band is not appropriate for the wedding. Oh wells, it's okay. Maybe you people need to see a change apart from people singing from some karaoke box rite? Haha.

Before it's time to wrap, the male singer sang poco-poco song and we all girls went nuts and danced together with Zura. The guys didn't know the steps so they accidentally hit each other when they do the dance. It was fun actually. Haha.
Poco-poco with bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Ezura Entertainment is very much recommended and very professional. Do contact them for a quotation. :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review: Slideshow

Haha. Slideshow pun nak buat review. Well, it was my hardwork. 2 weeks before the wedding I finally realized I forgot to do the slideshow. This is to be shown during makan beradap. I made a compilation pictures from the school themed pre-wedding shots for the slideshow. The hardest part was choosing the appropriate song. Since this will be shown to my reception guests which consists of all ages, I know I should find the one that suits all.

The pictures are quirky and happy, and I think I made the right choice by choosing Travie McCoy's "We'll Be Alright" for the background music. I hardly watch the slideshow during the reception but from the feedbacks, I know they enjoyed the slideshow as much as I enjoyed making it.

I upload the video here, for those who missed the wedding and didn't get to watch it. :)

This is lotsa fun! I wanna do this all over again. Missed the school and the memories so much.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Wedding Highlight from RFMediaworks

I'm too tired to write up a review. All I can say is Rufi Latiff is highly recommended. Great price, great shots, friendly crew and they are fast. What else can you asked for. I'm too happy watching my wedding highlight I kept rewinding it few times. Seriously, I missed those moments during my wedding day and I thanked Rufi so much for capturing all those memorable scenes. Rufi sent me two videos through FB. The outdoor shooting, where we were too tired to pose for the camera and the wedding highlight, which I loveeeeeeeeeee so much. It's quite a funny clip actually. I laughed whenever I watch it.

Outdoor Shooting Clip

Wedding Highlight

Ask Rufi himself for the pricing and packages he offered. Very affordable! You should try him. I've been with him from the pre-wedding until the wedding day itself, and he did a good job on both occasion. Recommended!

Krabi: What To Do?

Apart from the excellent beach and the sea activity, the one thing (or two!) that you can do in Krabi other than shopping is pampering yourself with a good massage.

Massage is very popular in this area and very cheap too. A standard 1-hour Thai massage will only cost you RM20-RM30 on average. How does that sound? Massage service is practically everywhere in Ao Nang. Most of them offer the same price, so you just have to choose, let them do their job and pay. We discovered massage service on our second day and went nuts. We pampered ourselves for the next 3-days, straight! Most parlours have happy hour from 10am until 2pm where everything becomes 50% less! Yeay! So choose wisely okay.

Based on my personal view, the best massage parlour is at Golden Beach Resort. They have this big hut where patrons have open massage facing the sea. Very relaxing, windy and I fell asleep listening to the sea wave. But if you're kinda shy, I think this place is not suitable for you.

The manicure and pedicure is real cheap too. I did manicure, pedicure and nail painting with blings, all at RM45. But I think it's just average, nothing to shout about. With that price, you can't complain much. But still, it's considerably cheap compared to KL.

My nail color is shite because I still have my henna color on my nails. I need to find color that resembles the henna thus the F-ugly choice. Haha!

If you want to head down to Krabi, please allocate some money to pamper yourself okay. Most probably you'll become a frequent patron at massage centres during your visit. :D

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