Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nurul Arbee: Pelamin Review

I'm currently updating at Bristot, a cafe in Ao Nang Princeville. Yes, people! I'm on honeymoon. Haha. They give us free internet surfing for 30 minutes, so update is a quick one yeah.

Well, today I'm gonna do a review of my pelamin.

Nurul Arbee is a friend of my father and when I knew she's actually a pelamin maker, I decided to hire her for my wedding. The perks of having someone you know as your vendor is you've got discounts. But not much, since I know she's doing business and profit  is a must.

I booked her like, 2 months after my engagement. She was very busy at that time and our first official discussion was around March, when she was heavily pregnant. We both brainstormed and had our own ideas and I was quite firm in my decision knowing that I've heard some not so good stories from previous clients aka bloggers.

The proper discussion was like a month before our wedding. I like everything she presented to me and with a very affordable price tag, I knew I should trust her as my wedding decorator for nikah and reception. On the actual day, she did an excellent job and I love every details she put in each of my pelamin. Best thing is, she even threw in a free hand bouquet for my nikah and reception ceremony. Yeay!

I don't have proper pictures of my nikah pelamin because I was too busy I forgot to snap a picture. Maybe we'll have one when I get the official pictures fom my OP. By the way, review of Krabi and honeymoon will be next, when I'm back on Monday. I'm enjoying myself here. Will definitely write one soon. Till the, toodles!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lova: Make-Up Review

My favourite part of my wedding is my make-up. It was flawless and for once, I never knew I could look this pretty (in my own eyes, of course!) on my wedding day. All thanks to Lova.

I booked her for both my nikah and reception, 10 months before my wedding day. In between those times, I've heard comments from her previous clients. Some are good while some are bad. I almost changed my MUA after I've heard some stories from others but I know I can trust Lova and now, I never regretted chosing her as my official MUA.

Lova is very punctual. She came early for my nikah. So does on my reception. She didn't take too much time to doll me up. She is fast, believe me and the result was not disappointing. It was marvellous. People commented on how much they love my make-up. My mom became friends with her and Lova even offered her a free hairdo for the reception which my mom loved to bits!

I'm not a person who used make-up. So I told Lova I want a simple make-up for nikah but emphasize on my eyes. And I don't want make-up that completely change my look. Plus, no thick foundation. I know my complexion is not that good but I don't intend to cover them up in a thick, cakey powder. She did comply to my request and I can say that she's done a good job.

As for my reception, Lova told me that the make-up would be little bit heavier than my nikah make-up. I'm okay with it as long as the foundation is not too thick. As usual, I requested Lova to concentrate on my eyes. The end result? I love, love, love my make-up! And I love what she did to my hair too. Wheeeeee!

My verdict? Lova is recommended. She is punctual, gives you good advice on beauty and health, friendly and pretty (does it count?). Haha! And the price is affordable too. She can be contacted at 016-6720445. Quick! Book her for your big day. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Wedding

All I can say is, everything went well and smoothly. Alhamdulillah. To bloggers who came to celebrate during the reception, thank you so much! I'm so sorry I was so distracted I didn't notice some of you in the crowd. But thanks a bunch for the wishes and gifts. Love you all!

To make up for it, here's a teaser on my nikah ceremony...

And some more during my reception...

Reviews on make-up, attire, hall, catering, pelamin and everything will follow soon. Stay tuned!

Friday, October 22, 2010

You Are Invited to My Wedding!

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Hi fellow B2B and bloggers. I'm getting married soon. How do I feel? Owwww... nervous! Haha.

Now that my wedding invitation clip is up and running, please have fun watching our kayu-ness in front of the camera and laughing out loud at our antics. Hehehe!

And by saying this, YES. You are cordially invited to my wedding reception on Sunday, 24th October 2010 in Putrajaya. If you wish to attend the reception and join in the celebration, which I really hope you do, please leave me your name and address to my e-mail at so I will send out a formal invitation.

Hope we can meet and mingle on my wedding day. Can't wait to see you there, pretty people! Mwahhhhhxxxxx!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Have You Received My Wedding Passport?

Hi all. Sorry for not updating for the whole month of September. I was down with illness and was too busy making cards, I couldn't find time to update this blog.

If you realized, time flies so fast. My wedding will be in 3 weeks time. I should not panic, but still, there are lots of tiny little things which need to be adjusted in time. Phewwww!

I'm in the midst of posting out my invitation card. I sent out the first batch on Tuesday, and I believe most of you have received it by now. Do let me know if you still haven't gotten any, I don't want to miss out anyone. As for the second batch, whom just sent me the address within this week, I will post out yours on next Tuesday. And as usual, do let me know if you don't receive it by next weekend, okay?

As you all know, this is a handmade card. We made all 800pcs of it manually. Thus, if the cuttings are uneven, the glue cannot stick properly on each page, the stamps are not clear and you have difficulty to understand its content, I apologize beforehand. Because wedding passport card is very new in Malaysia, I'm sure some people can't really understand its function. Especially the older ones. So here, let me just rephrase the contents for all so you'll get a clearer view.

My nikah ceremony will be on 23/10/10 and it's a private event, so guests are limited to family members only. Some people asked me when is the wedding because yeah, I have to admit the contents in the card are quite confusing itself so I have to tell them to read each page before jumping on conclusion. Hahaha! Okay, now to make up for the nikah ceremony which I'm so sorry I can't invite all my friends and colleagues, a reception will be held on 24/10/10 at Putrajaya. This time, friends are invited to join in the celebration. The theme is red and black and it's not compulsory for you to come and wear something in that color. It's optional actually, so don't burden yourself and start shopping for red or black outfit just because the content in the card mentioned the theme color.

I hope this clears things up a bit. To friends and bloggers who sent me messages and complimented the cards, thank you so much! You really made my day and I'm glad you like the card to bits. I hope to see you at the wedding reception, in a few weeks time. :D

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