Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nurul Arbee: Pelamin Review

I'm currently updating at Bristot, a cafe in Ao Nang Princeville. Yes, people! I'm on honeymoon. Haha. They give us free internet surfing for 30 minutes, so update is a quick one yeah.

Well, today I'm gonna do a review of my pelamin.

Nurul Arbee is a friend of my father and when I knew she's actually a pelamin maker, I decided to hire her for my wedding. The perks of having someone you know as your vendor is you've got discounts. But not much, since I know she's doing business and profit  is a must.

I booked her like, 2 months after my engagement. She was very busy at that time and our first official discussion was around March, when she was heavily pregnant. We both brainstormed and had our own ideas and I was quite firm in my decision knowing that I've heard some not so good stories from previous clients aka bloggers.

The proper discussion was like a month before our wedding. I like everything she presented to me and with a very affordable price tag, I knew I should trust her as my wedding decorator for nikah and reception. On the actual day, she did an excellent job and I love every details she put in each of my pelamin. Best thing is, she even threw in a free hand bouquet for my nikah and reception ceremony. Yeay!

I don't have proper pictures of my nikah pelamin because I was too busy I forgot to snap a picture. Maybe we'll have one when I get the official pictures fom my OP. By the way, review of Krabi and honeymoon will be next, when I'm back on Monday. I'm enjoying myself here. Will definitely write one soon. Till the, toodles!


Sha Pattinson October 28, 2010 at 11:14 PM  

send my regards to Krabi i miss krabi very much ..and Ao Nang beach hehehehe ..enjoy the honeymoon ok ...

Anonymous November 9, 2010 at 11:59 PM  

omg i was there~!!

i adore ur pelamin n the slide show so much =)

haha just surfing here n there to carik info regarding the wedding n suddenly 'eyh macam kenal jek pengantin ni'.....

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