Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedding Badge

We're doing a combine wedding, so chances of guests get confused on recognizing our family members are high. I try to skip on the usage of traditional flowery corsage for wedding. Solution: a wedding badge. I ordered a bunch of badges from Whizarts for my family and Johan's family.

Each set of it comes with 5 badges. Priced at RM30 per set so roughly it's about RM6 per piece. I ordered 3 sets for our family members. The size is quite big so I don't care much. Expensive, yeah and I know I can get a cheaper option out there but I'm just too tired to have a trip back and forth to stationary supplies in KL.

Let's have a look of what is actually a wedding badge.

E-mails were replied promptly. Alishia, the owner, sent me the draft of the badges for my approval soon after the payment was received and knowing me, I've pointed a few suggestions and ammendments here and there. Hehe. Within 4 working days, I received the parcel and I'm happy with the outcome. It's just worth the money.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Designer: Bad Experience

Seems like we have something to say about designers nowadays, eh? Haha! Serves you right, designer! I will let people know of your bad service, so others won't end up like me.

Ok, this has nothing to do with my wedding, but I would say, it is related in a way. And the best part is, yes, I will reveal the name of the designer. Seriously, I couldn't care less.

Some of you might already know that we've engaged Nik to do Johan's attire, my bolero and yeah, a little alteration on my wedding dress. Everything went well, tho at first when I met him, I know we don't have that chemistry. We can't click at all.

He's actually Johan's schoolmate way back in secondary school. So at the same time of doing business, he's also doing a favor for an old friend and kindly open a special slot for us. Marks: FRIENDS ONLY. Ok, that's good. I can't complain much.

The second time we went there for measurements session with Johan's groomsmen, I saw a nice flowy purple dress on the rack which was on sale. I asked him the price, tried it on and yeah, I like it a lot because everything fits me nicely. He even said he can mend whichever part that I feel should be altered. I knew the dress would be perfect for me to wear on my sister's engagement ceremony (which was held last week). So with a happy heart, I paid for the dress and told him to do some alterations. Mind you, this all happen somewhere in March or April.

Months went by, and in early June, which was 2 weeks before my sister's ceremony, I told Johan to ask Nik when he's free so we can drop by later at night and pick-up my purple dress. I seldom exchange messages with Nik ok. I told you I can't click with him so it's best for Johan to do all the contact because they are, after all, friends.

Johan texted him and to my horror, he replied saying that he totally forgot that I have bought the dress and sold it off to another customer. What the fuck??? Johan showed me the message:

'Ya Allah johan.. i betul2 lupe ur gf dah bli baju tu.. i dah jual kat org sabah ni.. sorry sgt k. nnt i ganti blk duit tu..'

You know, we were dead tired on that day running errands for wedding stuff. Imagine what I must have felt when at the end of the day, I received that shocking news? I have blisters at the back of my feet from walking all day, I was so exhausted and I felt like crying and shouting at him but I don't have the energy to do it. So I texted him and cold-heartedly told him I want to take back my wedding dress and send it off to another tailor and I don't need his service or favor anymore. I can't bear the thoughts of he ruining my wedding dress lak nanti. Guess what, he didn't reply, AT ALL. Fuckkkkk!

The next day, Johan told me that Nik is currently doing my bolero and wasn't sure whether my wedding dress has been altered or not. Aku pasrah je ok! Boleh lak ko SMS dgn bf aku tapi dgn aku haram ko nak reply. Dasar gedik!

From that moment, I know I'm not gonna be nice to him anymore. That's for sure. I'm a customer, I don't need his favor. I insist on paying his price for his service but he's giving me discounts. I paid full sum of the purple dress on the dot and later on, he was happily sell it off to another customer. Seriously, I can't accept his reasons. How can you forget someone has actually paid for the dress? And you don't even have the guts and courtesy to call or text me and say sorry for selling off my dress. If you did text me and apologize, I won't be so mean like this ok. I know the price of the dress is not much, but still, I PAID you and your service is OUT la. I should be an artiste or a VIP kut baru die nak layan I btol-btol. But no, I'm just a government servant, memang la die wat bodo je kan?

Some of you might have a good interaction with him, lucky you! I think I'm just unfortunate. I don't say I don't recommend him to you, but I just want you to be aware. It's up to you actually. Designers are human too, they all make mistakes. So do we. At least when you've heard good and bad stories on a particular designer from other people, you will be prepared and eventually, it'll help you to make the best decision.

So good luck in finding your designer! I hope my post won't dampened your mood in taking him as your dressmaker. But I know it makes you to be more careful next time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cheap Findings: Innerwear

My wedding dress is actually a tube dress and it's paired with a lace bolero. I don't want to wear the convential bra with straps because a peek-a-boo beneath the bolero is definitely a NO-NO for the wedding. And I know I can't wear a bra without any straps. I just can't. I always know it has a tendency to slip. Haha.

I've been searching for a proper innerwear that can give me good support and at the same time, contours my body since my wedding dress is fitted around the curves. I went to all, if not most, lingerie boutiques to find something that suits my body-type. Be it expensive or cheap, famous or not. Still, I can't find one that can snug me at all the right places. Mind you, I'm not busty so finding the right size is a headache too.

After spending months of my precious time finding the right innerwear, I've finally found the right one! I was at Summit USJ one night for a movie and while waiting for the midnight show, I went around the mall checking their shops and was attracted to Point B! after noticing their range of lingerie from the window display. Haha. I'm a sucker of pretty shop display ok.

They carry a famous lingerie brand and a prominent one called Blush!. You know Blush! is like among the first fancy lingerie brand ever to hit Malaysia, me think so. And guess what? They have a selection of corset which are on sale, tho the collection is a bit limited but the good thing is, they do have smaller size in stock. Oh, heaven for people like me! Wheeeee!

The corset is priced at RM189.90 but I got it at 70% off the normal price. You do the math. It's cheap because it's from Blush!, it's lined and boned and it gives me the perfect curves I've ever had. Haha! Suitable for bridal innerwear, it comes in black and white. They do have the seamless-type corset too but I look hideous when I tried it on. That one comes in white and nude, with the same price tag and is on sale too.

And I bought a pair of 2-piece swimwear from Old Navy for my honeymoon too. Total damage? RM60 only. Mood? Happy! All thanks to Reject Shop.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Search of Wedding Shoes

First of all, I want to thank Mya from 4weddingku for writing a nice review and featuring my humble blog on her website for the Blog Review slot in June. I didn't realize this if not for fellow blogger friend Zara, who was kind enough to tell me. Now go give these ladies a big hug! Hehe.

Taken from 4weddingku

Now, back to the story.

I was totally inspired from Huda's post regarding custom made wedding shoes at Gavy. Upon reading her entry, I immediately went to its outlet in Maju Junction the next day, armed with 2 copies of my dream wedding shoes for reference. I dragged Johan along, because we'll be running errands the whole day and our first pit-stop was Gavy.

I didn't prepare much when I was there. I didn't call the guy who're we supposed to be dealing with beforehand and there were just a couple of SA at that time. I showed the girls the printed copy of the shoes that I'd like to have, the choice of color and material. Of course, they can make my dream shoes a reality and I was browsing their catalog for the material but none captured my eyes. I wanted red satin but they only have some kind of shiny PVC or glittery thingy material which is a NO-NO!  Then they told me that I can bring my own material if I don't like those that they have in store.

Now, here comes my favourite part which I was dying to tell you, the price. They quoted me RM160 for the workmanship only! Ok, expensive. Belum tambah lagi my own material, those big brooch for blings and stuff, the cost of it might be amounted to almost RM200. So not worth it. Johan even said it's expensive. Ditambah lagi dengan penat, minyak and everything, so I guess I just forgo the idea.

Dengan perasaan hampa, we went to Pavillion and I finally found a cheap red heels at Vincci+ for my wedding. It's only RM127. Haha. You know, anything cheap and pretty always brighten up my day. Theehee!

I love the huge diamante brooch and the material. It's red hot suede baby! Sangat smooth, ok. Geram! Geram! And it adds inches to my height. Yeay-ness. Johan doesn't like the idea of having peep-toe heels for wedding sebab nampak jari kaki, tak cantik. But I was too in love with this baby to let it go, after my unfortunate event at Gavy. Cewahhh!

Owh yeah, have I mentioned that I bought my nikah shoes almost a year ago? Yeah, too early, I know, but I can't help it. I'm not a fan of pointed heels but since it's for nikah, I want it to be proper and covered. It's from Elo in Subang Parade, priced at RM129 (no discount, damn!). Owh, I love the fact that the color compliments my jubah too.

Okay, the color and everything look fugly in the pictures but in real life, it's pretty! Now I have scattered diamonds on my shoes and jubah. Wheeeee!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Selected Photos for Wedding Poster

I'm listing down some of the pictures from my pre-wedding photoshoot to be featured on my wedding poster. Still have a lot of favourites saved in my lappy but I just upload a few for viewing pleasure on my blog. I really had a hard time sorting out a tonne of them as a final selection. Phewwwww!!!

Some of the shots that I think could make up as a part of the props during my reception nanti. Now, how on earth could I begin drafting my own wedding poster? Hard time!

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