Sunday, June 20, 2010

Designer: Bad Experience

Seems like we have something to say about designers nowadays, eh? Haha! Serves you right, designer! I will let people know of your bad service, so others won't end up like me.

Ok, this has nothing to do with my wedding, but I would say, it is related in a way. And the best part is, yes, I will reveal the name of the designer. Seriously, I couldn't care less.

Some of you might already know that we've engaged Nik to do Johan's attire, my bolero and yeah, a little alteration on my wedding dress. Everything went well, tho at first when I met him, I know we don't have that chemistry. We can't click at all.

He's actually Johan's schoolmate way back in secondary school. So at the same time of doing business, he's also doing a favor for an old friend and kindly open a special slot for us. Marks: FRIENDS ONLY. Ok, that's good. I can't complain much.

The second time we went there for measurements session with Johan's groomsmen, I saw a nice flowy purple dress on the rack which was on sale. I asked him the price, tried it on and yeah, I like it a lot because everything fits me nicely. He even said he can mend whichever part that I feel should be altered. I knew the dress would be perfect for me to wear on my sister's engagement ceremony (which was held last week). So with a happy heart, I paid for the dress and told him to do some alterations. Mind you, this all happen somewhere in March or April.

Months went by, and in early June, which was 2 weeks before my sister's ceremony, I told Johan to ask Nik when he's free so we can drop by later at night and pick-up my purple dress. I seldom exchange messages with Nik ok. I told you I can't click with him so it's best for Johan to do all the contact because they are, after all, friends.

Johan texted him and to my horror, he replied saying that he totally forgot that I have bought the dress and sold it off to another customer. What the fuck??? Johan showed me the message:

'Ya Allah johan.. i betul2 lupe ur gf dah bli baju tu.. i dah jual kat org sabah ni.. sorry sgt k. nnt i ganti blk duit tu..'

You know, we were dead tired on that day running errands for wedding stuff. Imagine what I must have felt when at the end of the day, I received that shocking news? I have blisters at the back of my feet from walking all day, I was so exhausted and I felt like crying and shouting at him but I don't have the energy to do it. So I texted him and cold-heartedly told him I want to take back my wedding dress and send it off to another tailor and I don't need his service or favor anymore. I can't bear the thoughts of he ruining my wedding dress lak nanti. Guess what, he didn't reply, AT ALL. Fuckkkkk!

The next day, Johan told me that Nik is currently doing my bolero and wasn't sure whether my wedding dress has been altered or not. Aku pasrah je ok! Boleh lak ko SMS dgn bf aku tapi dgn aku haram ko nak reply. Dasar gedik!

From that moment, I know I'm not gonna be nice to him anymore. That's for sure. I'm a customer, I don't need his favor. I insist on paying his price for his service but he's giving me discounts. I paid full sum of the purple dress on the dot and later on, he was happily sell it off to another customer. Seriously, I can't accept his reasons. How can you forget someone has actually paid for the dress? And you don't even have the guts and courtesy to call or text me and say sorry for selling off my dress. If you did text me and apologize, I won't be so mean like this ok. I know the price of the dress is not much, but still, I PAID you and your service is OUT la. I should be an artiste or a VIP kut baru die nak layan I btol-btol. But no, I'm just a government servant, memang la die wat bodo je kan?

Some of you might have a good interaction with him, lucky you! I think I'm just unfortunate. I don't say I don't recommend him to you, but I just want you to be aware. It's up to you actually. Designers are human too, they all make mistakes. So do we. At least when you've heard good and bad stories on a particular designer from other people, you will be prepared and eventually, it'll help you to make the best decision.

So good luck in finding your designer! I hope my post won't dampened your mood in taking him as your dressmaker. But I know it makes you to be more careful next time.


raZRiHa ♥ June 20, 2010 at 10:42 AM  

sis, i can imagine how did u felt.. klu i pon leh meletop gak..coz u already paid the dress kan? new blogger, ur follower n ur silent reader by d way =) but ur post kali ni buat i rasa nk komen je..hehehe..sbb sgt2 xpatut designer wat cmtu kat customer.. i mmg xkn hantar kt dia because i rasa i mmg xmampu pun =) mine maybe kt tailor biase je..n klu i mampu pun, i will looking forward his attitude first =) sis, find new tailor n gudluck k!

Cik Belle June 20, 2010 at 1:24 PM  

erm, ramai jugak bloggers complaint about his service eyh. dia ada nama, tapi sayang, dia tak professional. duh.

lets pray for ur wedding dress.

Nurulhuda|Adlie June 20, 2010 at 2:28 PM  

elly, my friend pun engaged dia for her wedding dress, and mmg horror, i just dont want to say anything before this cos it wasnt mine, but i guess ramai yang dah kena dgn dia ni so i better speak up jugak la..

and ada previous blogger pun yg ada prob, dia hantar baju soo late but outcome cantik.. experience are varies la, ada ok ada tak.. but my friend one mmg tak la..

soo troublesome, and in ur case dah bayar and he ended up jual baju tu kat org lain is just a total crap!

Yanie June 20, 2010 at 6:57 PM  

boleh tak i menangis baca this entry? i know bukannya entry syahdu ke apa... tapi i so feel u babe..... just find a new tailor lah babe.... yang part u dah bayar and he sold off the dress to another person, i dah :what the....?: oh my god.......... babe, just take back your wedding dress and send it to another tailor pleaseeee.....

Elly Anaille June 20, 2010 at 9:37 PM  

tula babes.. i risau gler ni wedd dress i kat die. tahape jdk kang nnt. aku pasrah je ni. sakit ati dan mls nak pk dah. 3 more months je lg ni.. bloody fool punye designer. wuwuwu!

Moose June 21, 2010 at 11:15 AM  

it's a sad thing that someone as talented as he is can become so unprofessional. you are in fact the 3rd blogger that i read have problems with his attitude.

nuown June 21, 2010 at 6:38 PM  

hi beb :) i reallly can feeel you dear! what a tragic. I was one of his client. and my dress not turn soo good as well..this happen a week before my wedding..A WEEK!!!

The first stage was went sooo well.. first fitting ok..i love the dress so much (as he dont put any bead lagi + the cutting was so cantik and fit me well).

i nak my beading pink+lilac+pearl ckit. and my second fitting was horror. my beading color grey!!!! and the beading sgt subhanallah!!!!!!!!! horror n horror! i cool jer.. i cakap u salah color nih Nik.. dia replied ok ok i ubah..i lupa!!(padahal dah tulis dalam receipt i nak bead color ape kan) huhu..

so i bg dia masa 2 hari utk baiki balik, ok dia baiki with pink+lilac beading..bead sgt tak cantik..bead murah kot dia guna.. and beading sgt takde seni!!!!! so lagi seminggu beb.. i tak boleh tunggu.. i coool jer..i nak nangis sebenarnye..tapi i tahan sebab i taknak negative element in my mind before wedding and nak save my energy not to complain so much on the baju!.. so i ambil that baju and send to dzull classique.. baju I dzull buat sehari je ok beading tuh.. bead penuh giler dekat veil i...n dekat baju..i respect giler with SATU HARI PUNYA WORK!!!!! ..

so my suggestion:
for you dear..i rasa better you ambil baju u balik. why?? sebab designer is an artist. orang2 art nih hati kena ikhlas n tenang so that they can express their art on the baju. hati tak ikhlas + tenang baju tuh tak cantik!! esp bila u dah sms dia mcm tuh kan.. mesti dia geraaam ngan you. to be safe..ambil balik baju tuh..hantar to designer lain..

:) all the best dear!. I link you yeah. :)

farahfatihah June 22, 2010 at 10:15 AM  

aiyoooo teruknya dorg tu!!!! amik balik baju tu babe...g antar tempat lain

♥♥relyza♥♥ June 22, 2010 at 4:22 PM  

wah....teruk gak dia ekk...
me pun ada bad experience ngan my designer. later will story mory. not nik but someone else yg feeling glam gile!

miss dini June 25, 2010 at 4:39 PM  

Hey Elly, I somehow stumbled upon your blog and I read your post on this designer. I was so shocked to read that the designer that you meant is NIK ERWAN ROSELI!I was even more surprised when so many readers commented the same thing!Ok, I'd like to share my story with all of you.

I asked him to do my annual dinner dress when I was at my final year. (luckily not my wedding gown!)This was 3/4 years ago when he was still studying at UiTM. I met him and told him how I wanted it to be and he sketched me a draft. A few weeks after that, he came over to my house for fitting. The dress was ok but I was not really happy with a few things like the dress was way too tight and the finishing wasn't that neat. I asked him to mke some alteration to the dress,he jotted down and he said he will come back 2 weeks after that. During that time, the artist+designer in M'sia was busy preparing for ABPH that was held at Genting. So when I called him after 2 weeks, he said that he FORGOT about it and was BUSY doing baju artist for ABPH. Can you believe it?! (I taula I'm not an artist, tak glamer & tak masuk paper) I gave him some more time for him to alter. And when he came, he gave me the dress without me checking the dress(stoopid of me in trusting him). So when I went back, to my horror, he DID NOT EVEN DO ANY ALTERATION TO MY DRESS! I was sooOO piss..because I had told him to mend it so long ago&so many times.

I straight away SMS him telling him that he didn't alter my dress,he said he FORGOT and he said will PAY BACK RM50 for not doing so(I paid him fully already).

People, I would like to inform that UP TO DATE HE HAS NOT GIVEN ME THE MONEY. It's not so much of the money coz it's only RM50, but it's the principle. He took my money without doing anything. Know this people, orang macam tu will not last long in this field and takkan berkat use our money!

Thank you for sharing your story with us..I really hope your dress will turn out well.If I were you,I'll be so scared.

Elly Anaille June 26, 2010 at 2:22 PM  

huda n dini, thanx for sharing your story with me. memang horror btol org mcm ni. to dini, yes. it's not about money but principles. me too, the amount is not much but i hate it when he simply said 'i terlupa'. owh wells, what a nice thing to say to his customers.

Adriani August 23, 2010 at 11:01 PM  

Elly....the same thing happened to me....and Ive paid him RM500....and when he told me he couldnt make it till the dateline, I was OK...but until now NO MONEY BACK YET!!!!! penat dah wehh push dia!!!!!

Beauty Touch @ RAJA SUEFINA August 25, 2010 at 12:20 PM  

hye dear..i buat baju ngn nik...
mine was okay sbb i cakap wed i tu on march..sbnrnye april...that part i dah safe la..

tapi i ada send baju customer i...7bulan..sampai 2 hari nak kawen tak siap!!!panjang cite dia..ngn beeds takde..kain satin biasa..kasut draft lain jadik lain..sakit hati i..

ape pon i advice kan..carikla yang betul2..sumtime org takde nama pon buat baju nice2 juge :)

4go August 31, 2010 at 1:05 PM  

4go dis 4getfulman! dgn merosakkan hari paling istemewa dan bersejarah, he'll get lots of @#$%^&* mcmana bisnes nak berkat cik pelupa. baiklah sebarkan cerita2 benar ni demi menyelmatkan bakal2 pengantin yg sanggup kluarkan $$$$ utk yg terbaik 4 dat special day.

Anonymous May 29, 2011 at 1:20 AM  

I know the entry dah lama but I came across ur entry while googling for NERD (bukan NERD ni dah tahap tolol!!)

Tapi nak komen sebab tak nak bende yg sama jadi kat orng lain.

NIK ERWAN ROSLI adalah designer paling tak guna.. haram jadah... boleh jalan... satu sen habuk takleh pakai.

Lukis design bukan main cakap pung pang tapi hasil!! mcm gampang... cacat punya NERD..

dahla siap lambat.. lepas tu dia ni gunting kain je,.. jahitnye org lain.. boleh dia ckp dgn aku kalau tak masukkan duit dia takkan gunting kain...

leaps tu baju aku lain dari apa yang dia desigm!!! eii gampang punya designer!!!

aku tuntut duit aku sampais krg tak bayar2., sama mcm kes org lain..

korang naik amik NERD tak payahlah weii mmg kalau nama bukan artis dia tak amik kesah sgt design korang tapi lapar duit punya bapok!!!

aku haramkan duit aku yg dia amik tu.. bodoh punya orang takleh wat keje

NIK ERWAN ROSLI ialah penipu besar, designber bodoh nak mampos.. menang la award mana, design la baju artis mana tapi pasal dia dah buat palat mcm ni... org pun tak heran..


Anonymous July 26, 2011 at 3:26 PM  

OMG!!! I should have stumbled accross this blog 6-7 months ago! I know I'm one year late...but I would also like to add testament that Nik Erwan Roseli sucks!

Unfortunately for me, I hantar BOTH my wedding dresses to him. MasyaAllah...BAD EXPERIENCE to the max!

Hantar baju lambat gilaaaaaaa eventho I dah jumpa dia 5 months b4 the wedding. Long story short, baju nikah i dia buat guna kain orang lain and design lari gila! I suruh dia cari balik kain I and buat balik, and it was 2 nights before the wedding! Can u imagine? And my reception dress i suruh beading full, pukul 12tgh hari on the day of the night reception dia hantar gambar dress I beading jarang2 and BURUK gila! Menangis gila I!!!!!!

Tapi, maybe luck was on my side, he managed to send the 2 dresses in time, walaupun 1-2 jam b4 the event started...and both turned out nice...tapi kalau tgk dekat2 and in detail, workmanship tak neat langsung! beading murah! I bayar dekat dia mahal kot, my MUA pun kata mahal!


I bukan nak tutup periuk nasi orang, but, if u want to avoid drama on the most happiest day of your life, AVOID him!

Mangsa tak bersalah August 22, 2011 at 5:33 PM  

seems like I also have to do an entry about this stupid guy!!!

NIK ERWAN ROSELI, aku tak halalkan duit aku yg ko amik!

Anonymous September 2, 2011 at 11:34 PM  

OMG...if only I stumble upon ur blog dah kene baru I google si mamat bodoh ni...ish gerammmmmmm

the story is, i beli his baju from The Old Blossom Box. Apparently his doing this collaboration with OBB kot. I tengok kat online, and it was super cute, the design. So I order la satu, RM300 ok. And bile dapat, masyaAllah....macam khemah lepas kene ribut. bile i sarung kat badan nampak mcm badut ok! workmanship sangat la cincai lagi mcm haram, tak cantik langsung! i was like, baik i jahit sendiri lagi cantik kot! ni mcm budak tadika nk bwat projek skolah utk costume halloween! mcm gampang betul! anad the kain also kain murah....i ingatkan harga mahal kot la nak guna kain cotton japanese ke, tapi ni kain cotton kat kedai cina yg harga RM4 semeter tu! gile ke ape? The OBB owner Jezmine promise to contact me after raya to solve this problem, so I guess I just wait patiently till 5 Sept. But reading all of your comments, I think I shouldn't put my hopes too high! Damn this Nik RM300 burn and I have to buy another baju raya! Coz I cant bear to wear 'That' for my raya, too buruk! what a rubbish!

Anonymous November 2, 2011 at 12:12 AM  

la masih ada lagi yg kena dgn mamat Nik Erwan walaupun dah 2011?? Tak leh jadi ni.. Si jezzmine pun tak solve gak ke? eloklah dua kali lima...

Aku pun masa si NERD tu buat baju aku jadi bancai try gak call JEzmine tapi x jawab... aku ras anak create je page I hate NERD..

dah sampai satu tahap tu aku sms NERD ni cakap aku haramkan duit aku kat dia yg dia nak ganti tu pun, dia memang buat bodo..

ada juga orang mcm ni eh pegangan agama tak kuat.. janji tak tepat....

nik erwan roseli December 14, 2011 at 1:31 PM  

Sdri elly,

Saya Nik Erwan.

Saya ingin memohon maaf secara terbuka kepada semua yang telah saya salahi.
Saya memahami derita yang di alami oleh semua,“ I am totally heartbroken” kerana kecuaian saya.
Tiap2 hari saya berdoa kepada Allah supaya memaafkan saya dan supaya membuka hati mereka2 yang telah saya sakiti untuk memaafkan saya.

Saya tahu akan ramai yang tidak akan memaafkan saya dan saya faham dan redha.

Saya berdoa agar perkahwinan mereka akan kekal dan berjaya.Saya berdoa agar mereka tumpukan masa dan komitmen untuk menjayakan perkahwinan dan career mereka.Saya berdoa agar satu hari mereka akan akan dapat melepaskan dendam yang sedang membara di hati mereka.Saya berdoa agar Allah tidak membenarkan dendam2 tersebut membakar diri mereka sehingga tidak dapat focus kepada masa depan mereka sendiri.

Memang saya cuai,memang saya tak pandai untuk untuk menguruskan biznes.Saya hanya belajar ‘fashion design’ dan tidak mempunyai pengalaman tentang ‘business management’.

Sdri elly,

Saya baru tahu bahawa kepandaian untuk design dan menguruskan bisnes itu dua perkara yang berasingan.Segala award yang saya menang adalah untuk designing dan bukan bisnes.

Saya berdoa agar saya tidak akan menganyaai orang lagi dan telah menukarkan cara pengurusan bisnes saya.

Masalah kelewatan

Saya mengambil seorang ‘business manager’ untuk membantu saya.
Beliau akan menjaga hal2 kewangan,scheduling baju yang dihantar untuk dijahit dan beading, track progress baju2 tersebut ,set fitting date dsbnya.Beliau akan jamin baju siap pada tarikh yang di janjikan.

Saya akan hanya membuat design yang sesuai dengan badan pelanggan
Saya akan pilih material yang sesuai dengan design
Saya akan pilih tukang jahit pandai membuat baju yang saya design
Saya akan check kualiti baju2 yang siap
Dan membuat fitting + adjustment jika perlu

Hari ini 14 dec 2011,Business Manager saya telah pun hantar baju2 untuk perkahwinan dibulan March dan Mei 2012 untuk dijahit. By end of Jan akan siaplah baju2 tersebut untuk fitting.
InsyaAllah tidak akan ada kelewatan lagi!

Masalah kualiti

Saya akan berterus terang dengan pelanggan2 saya yang kebanyakannya datang untuk bargain harga yang termurah.Selama ini saya amat bersimpati bila mereka berkata mereka tak cukup bajet. Saya buat juga walaupun saya tahu materialnya murah dan tailornya kurang pengalaman.

Sekarang saya akan dengan jelas dan telus memberi tahu kepada mereka bahawa mereka akan diberi pilihan 3 package:

Package Silver,ekonomi– RM2500 untuk sepasang(1 boy + 1girl)

Package Gold,sederhana – RM3500 untuk sepasang (1boy+1girl)

Package Platinum,top of the range – RM7500 untuk sepasang (1 boy + 1girl)

Designnya boleh sama
Tetapi material dan tukang jahitnya berbeza
Jangka masa untuk siap pun berbeza juga.

Pilihlah dengan bijak dan be fair to me bila baju sudah siap!

Sdri elly,

Penagih dadah yang telah meninggalkan tabiat buruk kita berikan mereka a second chance
Pencuri dan perompak yang telah keluar jail pun kita berikan mereka a second chance

Do you think that I deserved a second chance?


Jasmin December 15, 2011 at 9:23 AM  

this guy deserves a second chance.people do make mistakes in their everyday life including their jobs.maybe our job is not as crucial as nik in preparing bridal attire,thats why people dont notice our his ex customer who is not 100% satisfied with him and a bride myself i hope every bride and ex bride may forgive him for his mistakes and lets pray that he'll change for the sake of future brides who cant afford to hire someone like Jovian or Hatta but still wants a designer's touch on their bridal wear. he is still the affordable designer around.Insyaallah. may Allah bless you all :)

nik erwan December 24, 2011 at 10:59 AM  

Sdri Elly,

Terima Kasih kepada anda yang telah membuat komen yang membina diblog ini selepas penulisan saya pada 14hb Dec 2011.

Saya berjanji akan membayar hutang2 saya dan dipersilakan semua yang terbabit menulis kepada email yang didirikan khas untuk menguruskan masalah anda di

Sila nyatakan nama penuh serta no telefon, jumlah yang telah dibayar kepada saya dan tarikh perkahwinan/acara anda dimana saya tidak menyiapkan baju anda.

Setelah saya verify semua email2 yang diterima, saya akan menulis balik kepada anda dan proposal saya.

Setelah proposal yang saya di persetujui oleh anda, saya akan membuat schedule pembayaran mengikut tarikh yang terawal di bayar dulu.

Segala pembayaran balik akan di uruskan oleh Business Manager saya .

Walau bagaimana pun saya tidak mungkin berkemampuan untuk membayar SEMUA orang dengan FULL PAYMENT sekali gus.

Namun saya berjanji bahawa saya akan membayar dengan secepat mungkin berdasarkan kemampuan saya dan rezeki yang saya terima pada masa depan.

Nik Erwan

MK January 4, 2012 at 2:05 PM  

This fella don't deserve a second chance because he just did the same thing again :)

A L I Y A H January 5, 2012 at 4:47 PM

tolong likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Anonymous February 14, 2012 at 11:18 AM  


Anonymous February 20, 2012 at 12:55 PM  

hahaha aku baru terbaca permohonan maaf terbuka nik ni bertarikh 14 feb 2011.. kononnya xkan blaku lg masalah lewat.. cam keling la nik ni.. baju tunang aku yang sepatutnya siap 25 disember 2011! sial la ko ni pondan tua! majlis tunang aku dah settle tapi sampai skrang baju tu pun xnampak camner lagi... duit dah abis aku bayar! apa alasan ko? sms x reply.. call x angkat... yang best part sampai hari ni 20 feb 2012 still x siap lagi baju tunang aku tu? ko ni memang jahanam la pondan... aku x halalkan duit aku n harap ko mampus masa potong kain client ko.. terpotong anu ko yang xbleh guna tu! bukan main lagi ayat kata penagih dadah perompak pencuri yang masuk jail pun dapat second chance... ko tu lagi teruk daripada perompak pencuri yang masuk jail! memang x layak! sula jer ko ni kat dataran merdeka! sial punyer designer hanjing... kepada yang lain bhati2 la dengan desigener nik erawan haiwan ni... jgn sampai terkena dengan pondan sedih ni....

Nora Ismail June 18, 2012 at 4:40 PM  

I've had the same bad experience! He still owes me money, sigh.

amirrasyaffira December 11, 2012 at 11:11 AM  

he is my lec at KLMU..

Anonymous March 15, 2013 at 9:00 PM  

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