Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Candy Apple Favor

Edible wedding favors will never go wrong. The guests will never throw them out and for sure, they won't be collecting dusts like other wedding favors. For instance, during our engagement ceremony, I gave baby cupcakes with rose design packed in mini chinese take-out boxes for the adults and for kids, they received custom cookies in the shape of wedding gown for little girls and tuxedo for boys. They were a hit, especially the cookies. Even the adults were asking for more. The engagement favors were prepared by Good Eats. I love their works. Designs are neat and beautiful plus they taste good too.

Pictures of our engagement favors taken from their blog.

In support of edible favors, Johan and I previously ym-ed and discussed our favors. As usual, adults and kids will receive different favors, so as families aka VIPs. We have thought of adults' favors only, and so apples came in as an idea (mainly it came from Johan!). Being me, who's going online most of the time, googled and found ideas regarding apple favor and candy apple popped in. It's actually apples with stick, covered with caramel or melted chocs and decorated with... eg; sprinkles, colourful confetti, peanuts, krisps etc almost anything you can think of! The ideas are endless!

Pretty ideas for your candy apples yo!

Or like this one here. A custom design candy apple. I heart this! Where on earth can I find someone in Malaysia who can make apples look pretty like this? *sigh*

Public Announcement

I had a hugeeeeeeeeeeee row with Johan. We haven't talked to each other for almost a week and it was miserable. So yesterday after work, I headed straight to Sec 14 PJ and went to Balloon Bouquets. It came to me to send him a bouquet of balloons, quite unusual especially for a guy but heck, just give it a try. I also bought a few bars of Toblerone (they're his favourite!) and tied them up by using the strings of the balloons. I knew heads turned when I brought the bouquet and walked to my car which was parked far far away from the store because the traffic was massive. But it's okay because it did it all for love. :)

And so dear Mr. Fiance, I hope you're not mad at me anymore. It feels weird seeing you but not talking to you. I miss hanging out with you and laugh with you over silly jokes. I love gossiping with you and still have fun eventho the ehemmm financial ehemmm is bad. But most of all, I miss you soooooooooo much I wish we could mend things and put the mess back in place together. I'm truly sorry for what I've done and I love you baaaaaaaaaaaaaanyak sangat with all my heart. Please forgive me...

Your mean GF

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Wedding Checklist

Seeing that I'm single-handedly plan this wedding (ok, Johan does help too!) and loving it soooooooo much, I guess it's just right for me to have a proper wedding checklist. Elly, alangkah bagusnya kalau kehidupan kau pun mempunyai susun atur begini tau!

Like everybody else, I'm working from 7 - 5, have no life most of the time on weekdays and I only have weekends to spare my time planning this wedding crucially. Hahaha...sounds so critical stop being dramatic Elly-ho! It's not like I don't have anyone to help me out, but I prefer to work things out by myself, and the satisfaction from the outcome is priceless. I love being my own wedding planner and I'm proud of that.

Ok, so here's the checklist, to remind me of what's left and what's going on, so I have a proper note to look at every now and then.

UPDATED ON 02.10.10

Wedding Course - DONE
Settled on April 2009, with Johan, Ayu and Alifah.

Wedding Date and Time - DONE
Initially, nikah will be commenced on Saturday, 23rd October 2010. Time is at 11am. While reception would be on the next day, Sunday, 24th October 2010. To be held at 12pm until 4pm.

Venue - DONE
Nikah will be held at my house. For reception, we have booked Dewan Seri Melati, Putrajaya. Full payment must be submitted at least 1 week before the actual event. We want to fit in 24 round tables and 240 banquet chairs. Others will be added up upon discussion with hall manager later.

Jurunikah and Wedding Documents - DONE
Finally, we settled all the related documents for the wedding without much hassle at all. My dad will be the wali. And yes, Imam has been booked. Yeay!

Theme Color - DONE
Nikah: Teal + Pink + White
Reception: Red + Black + White

Attire (bride + bridesmaids) DONE
Bride's akad nikah outfit is from Al-Hijaab.
Bride's reception dress is custom made from Ebay.
Bridesmaids for nikah will be wearing blue kurung moden. 
Bridesmaids will be wearing red kurung moden.

Veil and Heels DONE
Veil from Ebay.
Heels from Elo.
Red peep-toe heels.

Initially we planned for 7 dulang lelaki and 5 dulang perempuan. But there's a slight change, it'll be 9 dulang lelaki and 7 dulang perempuan.

For Johan:
  1. Sirih junjung
  2. Bunga rampai
  3. Watch
  4. Shoes
  5. Cookies
  6. Chocolates
  7. Cake
  8. Popcake
  9. Shirt

For Elly:
  1. Sirih Junjung
  2. Wang Hantaran
  3. Mas Kahwin and Bangle
  4. Watch
  5. Digital Camera
  6. ?
  7. ?

Doorgift (nikah, adults and kids) DONE
All settled! With a mixture collection of my choice, my family and Johan's family.

Catering DONE
Mutiara Catering. Took their Dewan Package. They provide double layer table cloth and chair cover + ribbon in our theme colors. Inclusive of red carpet, glass setting for 2 table buffet, setting for 4 VIP tables and setting for meja pengantin. Free 3-tier wedding cake too. Errr... I don't fancy them much but since it's free and included in the price, so why not? But I'm in the midst of discussion on changing the cake. Just wait. Hehehe.

Pelamin and Deco - DONE
Nurul Arbee will do my mini pelamin, reception pelamin and walkway decoration. I was so fussy I hope she'll get noted of everything I wanted after I heard some mishaps from previous brides who were dealing with her. Decoration entrance is from Dina Halim.

Photographer and Videographer DONE
Took Ali as our OP. He'll cover my pre-wedding shots, both nikah and reception shoot + outdoor for both events. Videographer will be Rufi Latiff.  He is reasonably affordable. Now, that's a plus point!

Makeup - DONE
Booked Lova for nikah and reception. I hope she'll do a good job to me for both event. Payment will be made on the day of the event itself.

Invitation Card DONE
Settled all 800pcs of them. I've started distributing the cards already. 

Candy Table - DONE
Set up a candy/dessert table for reception. Bought all the necessary jars at IKEA already. Candies are settled and cakes have been ordered from That Last Slice. Now I just need to brainstorm a way to decorate the table.

Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids DONE
All bridesmaids for both ceremony have confirmed their availability. Phewwwww!

Entertainment (kompang / traditional dance / band) PENDING
Kompang group is from Johan's old friend. It's settled. But I'm still undecided about traditional dancers tho. As for band, I hire Ezura Entertainment. Gonna start sending them my songlist 3 weeks before the wedding day.

Bunga Pahar, Bunga Telur and Wedding Badges - DONE
I ordered 100pcs of simple bunga telur and bunga pahar each for nikah ceremony and reception at Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam. Wedding badges are from Whizarts. I heart them so much!

Emcee DONE
Sre and Ahmad will be our emcee for the day. Scripts are ready, but I will finalize the content one week before the actual event.

Birdcage Veil

I love veil. But for my wedding reception, I want it to look laidback yet mysterious, not some usual oh-so-boring long veil with beads. I totally adore birdcage veil. I sport short hair, and I intend to keep it that way during my reception, means there'll be no wigs or extensions of whatsoever! I've had enough of that during my engagement day.

Why I love birdcage veil is because...

1) I think not many of us have ever thought of using this style for their veil, thus makes it a bit extraordinaire especially here in Malaysia. Okay, I have this habit of not following the same thing as everybody else's having.

2) I think short hair have more fun in terms of styling. Birdcage is not a very heavy accessory because it's kinda wrapped around your head thingy. Plus, furs or flowers can contribute to the prettiness.

More pics of them...

Aaahhhhh... aint't it pretty?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We went for a luncheon at VS Taipan this afternoon to celebrate Father's Day. Food was so-so. Nothing extravagant. Actually, it's more to a family hangover than a Father's Day celebration. And so we took pictures but none of my dad because he's camera shy, you see.

Akad Nikah Outfit

I've always wanted to have my akad nikah ceremony at a mosque. Attire must be proper, it means muslim ladies kena tutup aurat. My dear cousins and friends, a reminder to you, no selendang with jambul mak datin okies!

I already had ideas on a few outfit which I think would suit the ceremony and the place. My primary choice of outfit for akad nikah is jubah. Yup. Not that normal jubah, but the ones with blings, color and style. I love works done by Rizman Ruzaini, a pair of promising fashion designer in Malaysia. They made pretty dresses for Siti Nurhaliza, and I fell in love with their designs everytime they post pictures of them on their blog. I sooooo want them to design my akad nikah outfit, like those they've made for Siti. But keep on dreaming, Elly. I'll just resort to a cheaper dressmaker with similar design as my reference.

Totally in love with this one. Can I have it in silverish grey please? Source from here.

Or this design. Found while googling online from an arabian website.

But if it's not really jubah, I can always opt for long dress that properly cover the aurah. I've been googling for wedding dresses worn by muslim brides, and most of them are decent and suprisingly, very chic and stylishly designed.

Definitely the ideal color for akad nikah ceremony. Source from local blog. I've lost the link. Sorry..

This one is nice too and very sweet looking. I love the sash. Source from here.

So take your pick ladies!

The Birth!!!

Woohoo! It's the birth of my very own wedding blog! I've been a silent reader of fellow Malaysian wedding bloggers and seeing that I'm facing the same situation like they do (READ: planning and preparing for a dream wedding is a MUST for every girl!), makes me think why not, let's open an account too and create a wedding blog. This is surely very handy you know, seeing that we can share lots of info and opinion prior to the wedding ceremony. And here I am, jumping on the bandwagon and ready to share my two cents with other bride-zillas.

My wedding is still a zillion miles to go. In fact, I don't even have the exact date in my mind yet. When I was engaged recently on Valentine's Day, both families decided to leave it on me and my fiance, Johan to set the date. For sure, it's not somewhere near this year. That's what I'm really really really sure of. We've been thinking maybe the end of 2010 should be good for us mentally and financially. Talking about finance, I should really kick myself, stop shopping and start saving for my big day and our married life afterwards. Tough job!

Since Johan and I live nearby, we decided to hold our reception together in one place. Saves time, money and energy. Thus, we need to find bigger place to accomodate our families and friends. And it must be comfortable and convenient for the guests, that's number one. We (actually it's just me!) have been eyeing a few halls that I think would be able to cater to our guests. Ok, honestly, Johan doesn't really care much about whatever I have chosen unless I've started saving then he'll take things seriously. Come on, Elly! Cue call number two: START SAVING!

Since this is my first post, I think I should just write briefly about what I have in my mind regarding my wedding. Actually I have million things to share with you guys but let's just save the best later. So see ya on the next entry. Till then, good morning and happy Sunday, folks!

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