Sunday, June 21, 2009

Akad Nikah Outfit

I've always wanted to have my akad nikah ceremony at a mosque. Attire must be proper, it means muslim ladies kena tutup aurat. My dear cousins and friends, a reminder to you, no selendang with jambul mak datin okies!

I already had ideas on a few outfit which I think would suit the ceremony and the place. My primary choice of outfit for akad nikah is jubah. Yup. Not that normal jubah, but the ones with blings, color and style. I love works done by Rizman Ruzaini, a pair of promising fashion designer in Malaysia. They made pretty dresses for Siti Nurhaliza, and I fell in love with their designs everytime they post pictures of them on their blog. I sooooo want them to design my akad nikah outfit, like those they've made for Siti. But keep on dreaming, Elly. I'll just resort to a cheaper dressmaker with similar design as my reference.

Totally in love with this one. Can I have it in silverish grey please? Source from here.

Or this design. Found while googling online from an arabian website.

But if it's not really jubah, I can always opt for long dress that properly cover the aurah. I've been googling for wedding dresses worn by muslim brides, and most of them are decent and suprisingly, very chic and stylishly designed.

Definitely the ideal color for akad nikah ceremony. Source from local blog. I've lost the link. Sorry..

This one is nice too and very sweet looking. I love the sash. Source from here.

So take your pick ladies!


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