Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quick Update!

It's now the second week of Raya. The weekend's schedule are usually packed with invitations to open houses and weddings.

Oh my...

I might as well put in some updates regarding my wedding prep.

  1. My nikah dress from Al-Hijaab arrived sometime 3 weeks ago via airmail. I like it very much. I was afraid it couldn't fit me because the measurements I sent them was taken when I felt good about my body (in other words, KURUS! Hahaha!) But yeah, it fits me well and just what everything I imagine it would be, just like in the picture, if you could refer to my previous post here.
  2. I know it's too early but I already bought my wedding shoes. Cheapo at RM129 (considering they have leather soles) at Elo in Subang Parade. Mind you, the size is BIG, it caters for big-sized feet. Usually I wear size 8/9 but in Elo, I have to admit that my size is 6. It's a pointed heels in cream color satin, with glittering crystals scattered all over the pointed part. It's simple yet pretty, I like!
  3. Just last week on Saturday I went to Alamanda for a lil browsing with my mom and siblings. And we both saw this gold bangle at S.Wan Jewels. The design is just like the one in Habib. I came back on Tuesday and bought the bangle for my hantaran. Johan was a bit skeptical because he was in Kuantan and couldn't see the real thing so I just MMS-ed him the purchase. Mesti pening kepala sebab 4K die melayang macam tu je in one night. Hahaha!
  4. My wedding dress is currently on it's way to my house. Remember the lacey dress that I kept persuading/forcing Johan to approve? Well, he did approved the dress and last night I checked, the parcel was in the process of sorting out somewhere in Shanghai. I should receive the dress within 2 weeks. Owh can't wait!
  5. Last but not least, my mom has approved almost everything. I mean, our choice of reception (we decided to combine the wedding of both sides), the place, my online dresses, etc. But still persuading her to do akad nikah in masjid. She wanted the event to be held in our house. :( My dad? He's the banker so he doesn't really care. He agrees to everything as long as it doesn't interfere with his racing schedule.

I guess that's all. Will keep you updated with more news. I gotta get ready. Gonna visit Johan's family and beraya. Hihihi.


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