Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Majlis Aqiqah Aisyah Lily

Last Saturday, we hosted an Aqiqah ceremony for Aisyah. It's actually a combined ceremony with my sister since Aisyah and her baby boy were just one month apart from their birth date. Plus, my dad decided to pay for all three kambing golek so there, we saved up a lot. Thank you so much Abah!

The ceremony was  more to families and relatives only and we had fun of course, but.... there was a MAJOR incident, thanks to the caterer which left us feeling all pissed off. And some hiccups here and there too from other vendor. Will blog about it later in another post. Above all, we were glad knowing that all guests left the ceremony with their stomach fully loaded. Wheeeeeee!

Ok, enough babbling now let's jump to the pictures. Just a few only tho since we were too busy to even remember to snap. Official photos from our photographer are still in the process.

Aisyah was somehow fascinated with her cradle and the flower ball.

Mommy and Daddy camwhoring before the ceremony kicks off. The theme for the ceremony is purple  and blue but since most of our attire are still at the laundrette, we decided to wear our Nikah outfit. Surprisingly yes, I can still fit in it! Yeay-ness!

Marhaban group yang paling best everrrrrrrrr sumpah tak tipu! Nak nangis rasa huwaaaaaaaaa!

In the middle of berzanji, we as usual were busy taking pictures. 

I will reveal the contacts and write a review on each vendor involved for this ceremony. No transparency, I will write based on what has happened to us. Hahaha kontroversi sangattttttt so stay tuned!

By the way, Aisyah turned 2 months old today! A healthy baby girl, Mak and Abah love you sooooooooo much! Nanti kita pergi cucuk ye.. kahkahkah!

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