Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Post Raya Updates

Everybody's been writing about their Raya story. How was mine? It was okay. Aisyah (and her Mommy) just barely passed the confinement stage so we can't celebrate much because what she did was just sleeping, crying and waking up to feed. And I had engorgement on the first and second day of Raya, so it was no fun at all when visiting our relatives.

This was the first time I spent my Raya with my husband's side and at our own house too. The mood to decorate the house has subsided since I've settled that part much much much earlier. I was quite excited to actually try on new recipes and made my own kuih raya tho. These were made on the day before Raya. Gigih sangat! Hehe.

The dual colored, super soft Biskut Susu.

The favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies. This was gone in 5 days because me and husband kept munching on them. Ohhhh sugar high!

Oh, a  family picture during the first day raya, taken at my FIL's kampung in Sabak Bernam. I didn't have proper kampung or kampung house to relate to so that explains why I was uber excited to balik kampung to a real kampung house. But since I was in pain, (thanks to the engorgement!) the mood for pictures was gone and we managed to briefly pose just for the sake of Raya.

Pardon Aisyah's outfit. Her blue Raya dress was spoiled with spills plus it was hot during half of the day so we decided to change her to something much comfortable.

So how was your Raya?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Of Baju Raya

It's so frustrating to finally discovered that I have changed size from S to M after given birth. My bottom changed drastically to L size, btw. And to make it worse, all my baju raya are ill-fittingly snug at the hips area. Sigh.

This year, our theme is supposed to be electric blue but of course, there's a little mishap here and there and turns out, the theme is still blue, but a different shade of blue for each of us and that includes baby Aisyah.

Husband's baju melayu sticks to its original theme: electric blue, but mine went out a little further and becomes royal blue instead.

Modern kurung  from Fuzana Mokhtaza. The top fits me just nice but she had to alter the kain about three times to fit my gigantic arse. 

Was attracted to Zawara's latest offer of Ayu Dress and bought a piece online. As usual, I can't fit in it and had to personally went to their boutique in Plaza Damas to change size to M. Just nice but it's still a little fitted around my hips. I'll most probably sell this. Sigh. It's a really really really beautiful dress, you know. Uwaaaaaaaa!

I need to raid the last minute Raya shopping in Jalan TAR or Kompleks PKNS to find bargain on another baju raya. Hopefully I can find something that can finally suit my new size. :(

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Home Deco: Dining Hall

Our theme color for house deco this year is purple, since I'm too lazy to think of other colors to mix and match plus, time and money is restricted so we'll just make do with what we have and what we found as considerably cheap.

This time around, I decided to decorate our dining hall into something more presentable. We only have the basics for this area, that includes the dining set and the gigantic dining drawer + mirror set but lacking some colors.

I went for knicks knacks shopping at Kaison Furnishing at Paradigm a week before my delivery. I love Kaison because they have loads of house decoration items at super low price. Of course, you can't compare the quality to their top notch competitors like SSF or the likes but if you're on a tight budget this Raya, Kaison is one choice that can be considered.

I went mad shopping at Kaison and bought so many things for my living area and the dining hall and the bill came up at only RM150. Yes, cheap because I bought a lot, mind you. A LOT! From artificial flower bouquets, vases in various sizes and shapes, pillows, cushion covers, frames, candles, plates and the list goes on. Wheeeeeee!

Oh well, here are some pictures of my dining area for your eye candy. Nothing much but I decided to go minimal so that's the outcome...

I'm still looking for a reasonably priced carpet to compliment the dining set but to no avail. Found one or two which suit my liking but they're waaaayyyyyyyyyyy overpriced. Sigh!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Confinement, So Far...

Aisyah is sleeping so I have to write this entry as fast as possible before she cracks up. Huhuhu...

As of today, I'm at day 33 of confinement and weighing at 57 kilos. That means I shed off 11 kilos of my pregnancy weight and need to work out more to get rid of this extra 7 kilos to gain my normal weight. Phewwwwwww! Target: 50kg by Hari Raya. Wish me luck!

So, how's everyone doing so far? As for me, life after having a baby is rather hectic. Since Aisyah turned one month old last Thursday, putting her to sleep is like a battle now. And one thing I noticed, being a Mommy, everything must be done in fast pace, from bathing, cooking and doing house chores. You hardly get a good rest as you had before but I love every bits of it when I saw Aisyah grows right in front of my eyes.

Owh, talking about confinement hmmmmm... well nothing much actually. I decided not to go through the 100 days of confinement since it's too much hassle (and BORINGGGGGGGGGG I tell you!). 44 days is more than enough for me. For the first two weeks, I stayed at my mom's house where she took care of me and the baby. Since I had episiotomy and the wounds are still fresh, I need help to get around and doing things.

Pantang food is rather bland and simple. In the early weeks, all I had is just rice, white radish and fish (cooked either in steamed, fried or singgang style). For breakfast, a bowl of cereal or toasts with hot Milo/Horlicks will do. I avoided eggs, chicken, certain fish and cold/iced water at all costs. As for the supplement, I consumed Shaklee products for breastfeding moms. And so far, Shaklee suits me and my milk production has increased a bit. Not much actually but just enough to feed Aisyah and makes her full everyday.

During my second week of confinement, I had my sesi berurut for 3 days straight. And no, I didn't do all the bertangas and bertungku. Rimas! Hahaha.

I stayed at my mom's during the weekdays only and we went back home every weekends, since friends and family wanted to come over to visit Aisyah. By the third week, I decided to berpantang at my house by my own. My wounds are healed by the second week and I feel confident to handle a newborn baby. So there goes my new routine... bath, feed and put my baby to sleep.

On the fourth week of confinement, we decided to bring Aisyah out to the world. Yes, we brought her to OU, kononnya for Raya shopping but ended up with nothing since Aisyah decided to make a scene. Yes, she's still a tiny baby but her Mommy was bored as hell staying inside during confinement and wanted some action. Heheheheh.

Us, with Aisyah at her 30 days of age.

Okay, Aisyah is awake now. Toodles!

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