Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Token From Bee Little

About two weeks ago, I received a special gift from Bee Little. The owner is such a nice lady, and she gave me some products from Earth Mama Angel Baby for both me and my baby's daily use. All I can say is, thank you very much Zhuriqa for those lovely gifts!

She sent me two boxes of tea, one is Monthly Comfort Tea which is to be consumed during postpartum and has a delicious cinnamon blend. Yums! While the other one is Organic Milkmaid Tea, which is good for breastfeeding moms as it can help you to produce healthy breast milk. I have yet to try the latter since I'm still on the Comfort Tea but can't wait to try the Milkmaid Tea, which has nice, fragrant smell too.

And Aisyah is not to be left out. For her skin wellness, I received 2 boxes of Angel Baby Bottom Balm to protect her skin from diaper rash. This balm has a nice lemon-y smell and soft, perfect for baby's delicate skin. Apart from diaper rash, I used this balm for other purposes as well, such as bug bites and blisters. Amazingly, the balm works out just great!

Well, that's not only what Bee Little has got to offer. I went online and found that they have other items selling at a very reasonable price (if not cheaper!) too. And since Raya is coming soon and if you're still looking for baju kurung for your little ones, why don't you head down to Bee Little for a feast. They have them in colourful designs and are too cute to pass.
Priced at RM35 each. Much cheaper than what other online stores have to offer.

And that's not all. Bee Little also sells boardbooks and clothbooks for toddlers and kids. And I love their Young Khalifah products. Apart from Islamic clothbooks, they have colourful prayer mats for kids too! Check this out:
Aren't they the cutest? These designs and more at RM55.

Oh, let's check out this bandana bibs from Funky Giraffe Bibs, originally from UK. The name says it out loud, these bibs are funky and have cheerful designs which is prefect for babies and bubbly toddlers. And you don't have to go far to order one as Bee Little sells these too. Yeayyyyy!
Grab this at RM16 each!

For more info and products for sale, you may head down to Bee Little FB Page. Most of their products are sourced from the UK and Europe, thus it explains why the price are cheaper than other online shops. Till then, happy shopping and salam Ramadhan.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aisyah Lily: The Birth

Thanks to my readers for all the warm wishes. Me and Aisyah are doing well (she's a healthy one week baby today!). I'm slowly adjusting my time to this whole new world of motherhood and enjoying every second of it. *love*

I gave birth to Aisyah in Hospital Serdang via normal delivery, it all happened at my 38 weeks of pregnancy. Yes, much earlier than the EDD which is supposed to be on the 20th July. Oh, here's the chronology (cewah!) of the days before Aisyah was born. Sharing is caring. :)

My waterbag broke exactly at 6.30am, on the same time the morning buzzer goes off. I immediately alarmed my husband, then took a shower and get ready while husband helped to prepare some things to bring to the hospital. By this time, the water keep leaking and I couldn't care less to change my panties and trouser after doing so for a few times already. I have to cover the car's cushion with a thick towel to prevent wetting all the way to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital and went straight to Dewan Bersalin. Registered, then they called up my name and I have to change my clothes to their pink uniform. I was still leaking, non-stop, but there's still no signs of contractions what-so-ever. The nurses came and did the usual check-up routines, performed a CTG and a doctor came in to see whether I have dilated or not. And yes, no dilation yet. :(

Camwhoring while waiting at Dewan Bersalin

Ward 5F/8

So I have to wait at the hall with my husband while they prepared for my ward admission sometime later in the evening. By 1pm, I started to feel uneasy and had some mild contractions, still bearable, and I can still munch on foods before my pantang starts. Hehe. Finally, around 3-ish I was admitted but still there's no signs of delivery anytime soon. They have to monitor me and the baby as I didn't stop leaking since this morning. 

Last shots being a whale (pregnant) before going into labour

Husband was with me until 8pm when the visiting time was over. Nurses came a few times for their usual check-ups that night and at 10pm, doctors came for their rounds and said I'll be induced if there's still no signs of dilation yet. 

At 1am, I started to have strong contractions but they weren't consistent, and yes, I was still leaking. I didn't feel good and had trouble sleeping the whole night. At 5am, a nurse woke me up as the doctor wanted to check on me. Went to Bilik Rawatan, where a group of expectant mothers were also waiting for their turns to see the doctor and they too, had contractions for hours already. The doctor checked my cervical opening and there's only 1cm dilation so it's confirmed, I have to be induced since it's been almost 24 hours since my waterbag broke. 

At around 7am, I finally have the real contractions and this time, they were frequent, maybe about 3 times in 5 minutes with some blood-shows. The pain was unbearable. I felt like dying and my waist-down was in pain like hell. The doctor came in and checked on me. At that time, I was at 3cm dilated. The doctor placed her finger further into my cervix to help it dilate more. Husband came early to the hospital and waited at the hall after I texted him saying that I'll be into labour anytime soon. 

By 9am, I really couldn't bear the pain and rang the nurses and doctors for epidural to help ease the pain. But no, they didn't want to give me any as they want me to dilate naturally and have normal delivery. By this time, I was at 5cm and a nurse inserted this 'ubat berak' where it resulted in me going to the toilet 3 times afterwards to ease my bowel. A doctor then ordered me to be wheeled into the labour room. 

In the labour room, a male doctor asked me a few questions and I couldn't care much to answer as I was in pain. Then he taught me how to push before a group of nurses and midwives came in to assist me during delivery. They called up my husband to accompany me in the labour room too (yeay!!!!) but during that time, I didn't care who was with me anymore. All I want was this whole process to be done and over with. 

3 hours after delivery. Tired but happy to the max!

The midwives were really supportive. They cheered me up. I had 4 unsuccessful attempts of pushing where finally on the fifth push, the baby is out and the moment I heard her cries, a wave of relieve surpassed me. It's finally over and I'm a mother now. Alhamdulillah! A nurse placed Aisyah on my chest for a brief bonding session before she was whisked away for bath and cleanse. The delivery resulted in me having 6 outer stitches and 10 inner stitches, ni semua sebab terangkat punggung masa push! The nurses chatted with me while the midwife did the stitching. I couldn't feel anything anymore as I've gone through the contractions before, which was the greatest pain everrrrrrrr. Once you went through it then you'll know how painful it is.

Me and Aisyah have to stay in the ward for one more night as the medical team wanted to monitor my baby and a sample of her blood was taken yesterday for lab purposes. Since I've been leaking for more than 24 hours, this procedure is normal since they want to detect any infections on the baby and she has to be monitored for two days. I was bored to death staying in the hospital. being a new mum, all alone and tired, with a baby to look after and these episiotomy cuts to care for. I just can't wait to go back home and have a rest with a proper sleep.

Aisyah all prepared to go home...

And Mommy looks like bibik! Hahahaha!

Finally, it was time to be discharged. Husband came early to help me pack. A nurse took Aisyah for a simple bath time while I went to see the doctor to check my episiotomy cut. So far, everything was looking good so phewwwwww! By 11am, husband has settled all the bill and discharged papers then it's time to go home! Wheeeeeeeee!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hi! This is going to be a short announcement...

It all happened during my 38 weeks 1 day of pregnancy.

I just gave birth to a precious little girl last Thursday, on the first day of Nisfu Syaaban. Alhamdulillah! Everything went well and yeah, I'm currently adjusting to my 360 degrees new-life experience. It ain't easy but I'm slowly coping up now.

Oh, here's a sneak peek of my newborn daughter:

Aisyah Lily binti Johan Adha
Born on 05/07/2012 at 10:52am in Hospital Serdang

We are truly grateful indeed. I'll blog about my experience before, during and after labour soon! In the meantime, please say hi to Aisyah. Hehehehe!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Decoration: Living Hall

Alhamdulillah! Husband received his bonus and an increment last week. Maybe rezeki baby, and we finally managed to get by with a few pending stuffs, mainly for the house.

Since I'll be away at my parent's for a full month confinement (macam la jauh sangat rumah, 10 minit je kotttt!), I guess it's best to leave the house in a proper condition and start decorating for Raya now, as I know I'll be busy and don't have much time to re-decorate it later.

Changed the cushions for the sofa and add on some decorations for this official living area which includes table mat, table lamp, frames and small vase. I decided to inject a serious persona for this space, thus explains the mundane and earthy tones. But a bit of colors won't do harm to avoid the dullness, right? And finally, we can hang the curtain after having a hard time finding an appropriate railing for the windows.

The old colorful cushions were put in good use and they matched the old white couch in this casual/tv area. I've always wanted to upholster the old wing chair to another color since the original fabric is too depressing for this area. Hahaha. But will do that one step at a time since we'll be spending a lot for sure, with the baby's coming and what nots.

The overall look of the living hall.

Next pictorial entries on decoration of our dining hall and room coming up soon! Just bear with me. Need to fork out money to realize my dreams. My readers and Nuffnang, please help me!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Online Shopping: Furniture & Home Decoration

I'm an avid shopper, be it online or offline. But now since I have limitations due to my pregnancy (my due date is in 2 weeks time!), I opted for online shopping since it's hassle-free and saves my time and energy. This time around, I decided to take a break from baby items since everything for her is all prepared, I'm just anxiously waiting for this bundle of joy to pop out.

My interest now has changed to home decoration. We've moved to this new house for almost 4 months now right after the renovation progress settled. Since then, I don't really have much time and money to decorate the house as I pleased because I wanted to prepare for the baby first. For a few months, the idea to decorate the interior has to be postponed and we just make do with whatever furniture that we have and bought earlier, until this last month of my pregnancy where I can finally take a breather from baby's stuffs and start focusing on the house instead.

Since we've got some of the decoration items beforehand, I just added on a few to the list to complete whichever that is not. That's when I stumbled upon Home 24, a Malaysian-based furniture and home deco online shopping. Yes, too good to be true but they do sell furniture online now! All you just have to do is browse through their online catalogue for your desired items, add them to your cart, make payment and wait for the items to be delivered at your doorstep. Easy, right?

Their simple and interactive website for your best viewing option

So I decided to give it a try and bought a few decoration items for the house. I signed up for their newsletter and received an instant RM20 rebate for purchases above RM100 in a single receipt. I opted for cash on delivery instead of online payment to see how it works. Right after I placed the order, their sales rep called up to re-confirm my order and said that the items will be delivered within 7 working days. That's a long wait but nevermind, let's just give it a try then. Mind you, I ordered these items on Wednesday evening at 5pm.

Then on Saturday morning (while I was still sleeping), I received a call from a courier company saying that my items from Home 24 will be delivered in 10 minutes. Wowwwww that was fast! I thought their delivery policy is within 7-14 working days. But mine only took 2 days. Excellent!

I was all excited when the box arrived!

Let's open it up and see what's inside...

The neatly packed items in plastic wrap. I bought 2 sets of curtain (for the living room) and 3 place mats. They even sent me another RM20 voucher for my next purchase. Total damage: RM90 + free delivery. Wheeeeeeeeee!

My verdict on Home 24? Happy and pleased. They have excellent customer service and delivery is fast than what I expect. Maybe I can try to purchase a few small furniture for the house on my next order, to see how it goes. Hehehehe. But for the time being, I'm happy with my current purchase and will definitely come back to Home 24 and shop again.

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