Tuesday, February 22, 2011

InTrend and Photographer

Like many of you who are aware of this already, my blog was chosen to be listed in InTrend as '50 Blog Pilihan InTrend'. I wasn't aware of this until a fellow blogger alerted me this morning. I haven't bought the magazine yet haha! But I feel very honored for this compliment because I know there are many famous and talented bloggers out there but still, I was selected. This is quite an achievement for me. Congratulations to the other 49 blogs too! Woohooo!

Well, a brief news about me. I'm still living my life as usual. Nothing much changed even after I'm married. I'm not pregnant yet, if you're wondering. I'm not planning, and we're still trying. Hehe. 

About last week, I finally got my wedding album from my OP. But it's not the whole set, just the custom album because we kept pushing him to send us the album ASAP. I know rite? 4 months after the wedding only I can get my hands on it. The delivery is a disappointment. I'm totally not happy over it. :(

But here's a sneak preview of some of the pictures. Credit goes to Characters Studio.

Verdict? Talented photographer for a newbie. He takes good pictures. Editing is nice, not OTT. He didn't force me to make certain pose which I'm not comfortable with during shooting. I like that very much. But when it comes to product delivery, everything went wrong. It took so long, I don't mind actually but at least he should let us know if it's going to be late. I literally pushed him everyday for the album after the third month (after our wedding in October) and finally got one, but still the other half is not completed yet. A bit frustrated actually. Haha. Guess, I'm not that lucky enough. ;p

You can contact Characters Studio at 019-2468082 and ask for Ali Hashimi Sulaiman.

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