Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wedding Finds in Petaling Street

The holiday was spent with me and Johan trying to find wedding items. It's four months left to the wedding and luckily, all the major things have been taken cared of.

We went to Petaling Street on one hot and sunny afternoon. Thinking that it's going to be a marathon from Petaling Street to Jln. TAR to PJ State. But we were so exhausted in the middle of Jln. TAR and decided to go to PJ next time. What's in PJ? Well, there's an art shop selling easels in various size and design at an affordable price range. I'll let you guys know the drill once I buy the easels from them yeah?

Okay, let's move on to the initial story. The reason we went to Petaling Street was to buy paper lanterns and decorations for my reception. I happen to know from an anonymous that there's a shop selling paper lanterns so cheap you feel like crying! Hahaha! So that afternoon, we just went there and were looking at the map by the roadside, felt like tourists, asked some directions from the locals and tried to find the shop. It is hidden, you must have missed it if you're not aware of the surroundings.

What did we bought?

  • 13 (16-inch) plain paper lanterns in red, white and pink.
  • 4 (14-inch) flower-cut paper lanterns in black.
  • 2 kipas bulu (for bersanding).
  • 70pcs white organza pouch.

Total damage? RM150!!!!

Omgggggggg!!!!! So cheap yes I feel like crying because money is so tight right now so anything cheap will make me drool. Haha!

They sell various types of lantern. The biggest paper lantern ever is cheap too, selling at RM19.90. Sooooo huge!!! They do have the famous kipas bulu but in limited colors tho, maybe kehabisan stok? When I was there, they only have it in red, white, orange and yellow. I thought of buying black and red fan but after some discussion with Johan, we settled for the white fan. Senang nak guna for other function later. Yes, you can unwrap it and check if there are any defects before you commit to buy the fans. They don't mind. I buat macam itu kedai I sendiri je, try itu ini without even asking them. Haha!

Kipas bulu sold at RM8.90 per piece. Fluffy and pretty!

Black flower-cut lantern at RM8.90 per piece. Cheap!

The shop owner, an old Chinese lady is very helpful. Do look out for her. And her Cambodian (i think!) assistant too, who cannot speak Malay and doesn't understand BM much. Hehe.

The location?

It's in Jalan Panggong. If you're coming from the market area in Petaling Street, walk just a bit further up to your right. Keep your eyes open and you'll see a McD signage across the road and there's a signage to Jalan Panggong. Enter the alley and walk straight up until you reach a row of shoplots. The shop is located next to a restaurant. From the outside you could see lanterns hanging inside the shop, you're at the right place then.

Or if you're still clueless, just ask any taxi drivers yang dok melepak tepi jalan tu. They'll help you. Owh I love Malaysians!

Happy hunting!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pre Wedding: Back To School

So last Saturday, Johan and I with a bunch of friends went for our pre wedding photoshoot, located at our previous school at SMK La Salle PJ. The weather wasn't forgiving at first. Cloudy and windy and yeah, rain started around 10am thus our shooting was at halt. At this point of time, all we can do was only take some shots inside the classroom.

Around 12pm, the weather started to get better. Sun shines and we went for outdoor photoshoot mainly around the football field and tarmac area. It was fun. Everybody gave their best for this photoshoot. I totally heart them!

As you can see, yeah, the theme was Back To School. We will arrange another photoshoot with the same theme again somewhere in July. This time around, it involves only me and Johan. :D

On to the pictures!

I'm too lazy to upload more pictures. A few would be just enough for a sneak peek. Hehe.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Save The Date Photo Collage

Inspired from a post by Xora, I decided that we could make use of our pre-wedding photoshoot this Saturday to make a Save The Date picture collage. Sounds fun and practical.

Source from Google.

PP Casita

I think some of you are already aware of my honeymoon destination. Haha. I am more excited for the holiday rather than the wedding for the time being. Hehe.

I've never been to Phi Phi Island. So I don't put too much hope for it. Much more after reading the reviews from TA (which isn't helping at all), I knew I shouldn't be expecting much for the trip. Just enough to keep me sane thinking it's just like some ordinary islands in Malaysia. Think Tioman and Perhentian, where things are laidback, the views and environment are enough to make me happy, rooms are basic and certain parts are remote.

The moment we secured the air tickets, I started googling to find accomodations in Phi Phi.  It was a headache, but I had fun. We decided to book a room at PP Casita.

Source from Google.

They don't have any website so I have to trust my instinct and booked thru online agent. They don't require full payment and the deposit is paid via Paypal so if it's a fraud, at least I don't loose much. I cannot tell you much for the time being because it is, however, still a plan. Once I've been there and done that, will definitely share the tips with you guys. :)

I'm still a bit afraid thinking about the current situation in Thailand, hope it doesn't affect Krabi and Phi Phi Island much. I want to have a piece of mind for the honeymoon yo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wedding Poster

Our wedding reception will be held in a building where it houses two halls. Since the time of the wedding is at noon, the possibility of having a double ceremony with a complete stranger is high. Lucky thing, our hall is situated at the ground floor, so chances of guests getting confused and ended up at a wrong ceremony is well, at least.... a bit lower compared to those at the upper floor.

The hall management will provide landmarks and directions placed at strategic spots so our guests are not at lost when they're in the building. But still, I think we need something personal to be put at the direction of our wedding hall because the ones they provide us are the same with the other party so you know, it might be confusing especially to older people.

Friends been suggesting bunting and banner but knowing me, I don't want anything typical for the wedding. I need something out of the norm but still acceptable for Malay wedding. Plus, I never like the idea of having our face printed on a big bunting. We aren't beautiful people, just ordinary. Haha. And I always have this thought of faces printed on banners or buntings will never look good even if they're pretty people. Just my two cents.. Heheh.

I've been thinking of having a poster-like announcement as a replacement of bunting and banner. Compact in size, just what I like. You know, the one like a movie poster with a subject picture, a title, a list of actors, production name and what-nots. It'll be exactly like that but this time, it's for a wedding.

Source from Flirty Guide

And if we aren't fancy of having our face on the print, maybe we could opt for a comical poster then.

Source from Google.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wedding Shots With Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

We'll be having four groomsmen and bridesmaids each for the wedding. It's too many but we know they'll make a perfect picture for our wedding shots.

I'm not a fan of romantic, lovey-dovey poses. I'm pretty much afraid thinking that my OP's wedding shots are more towards those typical poses. *sigh* I might have some of those 'compulsory' poses just for the sake of it but definitely not to be put in the wedding album.

My preferences for wedding poses are more to laidback, fun and spontaneous, without us trying too hard in front of the camera. Since the photoshoot will involve our crazy groomsmen and bridesmaids, so those romantic shots are a big NO-NO!

I absolutely heart these wedding shots which exude enjoyment and happiness. I need to have these shots taken for the group photo. Haruslah aku mengamuk kalau takde shots begini time wedding aku nanti. Grrrrrrr!

Beautiful pictures source from Google.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wedding Bun

I still haven't decided on my hairstyle for the wedding reception. Since I'll be wearing a dress with lace bolero, I think I'll opt for a simple hairdo. A simple bun would do, with a big flower to accessorise. That's a requirement. I should tell this to my MUA.

Photos from Google

One thing for sure, I'm not wearing any veil or crown for reception. I wanted everything to be as simple as possible and carefree.

But I still heart birdcage veil. And I'm still considering whether to wear it or not for the wedding. Let's see if I can make up my mind or not. It's 5 months left to the wedding. Hurrrrr!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Nikah Attire

As some of you might already know, I bought my nikah attire online. Heck, I literally bought most of my wedding stuffs online. Haha! My nikah attire is actually a jubah and was tailored to measure, without any extra charges. Yeay! I should be thankful for that.

After 3-week upon ordering, I received the jubah as what I have expected. Simple and flowy. Pretty, nonetheless, considering how cheap it was when I paid the bill.

Then I sent it over to Zaza for beadings around the hemline and neckline after I realized the jubah needs some blings to spice it up. There were dramas actually. I am fussy, I admit that. The first time I collect it from her and paid the amount, I complained so much. And I sent it back to her for alterations and specifically told her I wanted more blings compared to what she previously sewn on.

When it was time for me to collect the jubah for the second time, I felt so devastated. Again. It's not like what I have imagined. With the amount of money I paid to her, I think I should get a lot more than what I have gotten for the jubah. There were extra charges, obviously, because of my certain demands. And I still haven't pay her the extra charges because I felt cheated. But my mom said the beadings are okay, I can go for more blings on the tudung later on.

Ok. I am obviously very fussy because I cannot relate to whatever my mom said.

The beadings on the jubah.

One week later, I  took out the jubah from the closet and have a look again. I felt like the jubah is missing something, but I finally come to my senses and think that what Zaza did for the beadings are not too bad after all. I should be thankful to her because she spent her time sewing and re-do the beads and coping with my ultimatum. Haha! Sure, I am not 100% satisfied with her work, but what can I do? Things have been done and there's nothing much I can do because I can't just think of any way to ammend it. So just let it be. I couldn't care much now because at the end of the day, what matters most is that the ceremony went well. Baju itu tidak penting. It's just a part of the event.

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