Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bunga Telur / Bunga Pahar

Is it necessary to have bunga telur on wedding day? I think it's a waste of money and expensive. I searched for vendors, asked the price and they quoated me normally around RM8 - RM10 for a stick of bunga telur. Crazy or what?

I don't really like bunga telur for personal reasons. Apart from expensive, I think they'll only collecting dusts.

But I know, my elder relatives would want this tradition to keep running through their modern generation, and for our wedding, it won't be excepted. Surely.

For the sake of pleasuring their wish, I did spent a few good hours finding online vendors for bunga telur. And I came across Wawa. Her design is simple. But what I like most is the price range, which is very reasonable and surely won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Some of her works. For more info, please go to her blog.

Now that I have found a cheaper option, I am still contemplating whether to still have bunga telur for our wedding day or not. I really can't wait for October to come. Managing your own wedding day is stressful!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Updates and A Dress

Okay. Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates. I realized I haven't been blogging for almost a month now. I've been busy. Not much actually. But I could say things have fully-occupied my time.

So what I've been up to? Spent a few weekends back to help Johan buy materials for his attire and the groomsmen. Then met Nik to discuss the design for his baju melayu and I did ask him to help me with my wedding dress too. Yeay! One problem solved. And yep, I bought a long, flowy dress from him. Can't resist as it's a bargain. It'll be ready on June after some alterations done, just in time for me to wear it on my sister's engagement day.

The dress look a lot like this. It's pretty, flowy and Nik sewn some beads on the top part as well. I'll show you the proper pics once it's in my hands okay.

Hmmm...back to the initial story. There's not much progress for my wedding preparation tho. Most of the essential things are settled. I'm in the midst of printing out my invitation cards. I print 100pcs card during weekend. I know I start too early but I need to be prepared ahead of time. So then I can relax in the final months prior to my wedding.

Owh! How about bunga pahar/bunga telur? I strongly think they are unnecessary. It's simply adat, not even compulsory. This is the one thing that makes me think over and over again. Whether or not to have bunga pahar/bunga telur on my wedding day. I should have a reminder to alert me to make a post about this in the next entry. Heee!

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