Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Krabi for Honeymoon

Ok. Ok. This is boring but we too, have been eyeing Krabi for our honeymoon destination. Haha. It looks like we'll be jumping on the bandwagon like Sha, Sab and Ashylla too.

Why Krabi? Good question.

First and foremost, I was influenced by the reviews from our newly-wed bloggers yang bertiga itu. They did a good job in writing a review about Krabi and I, being a sucker for anything beach, falls for it. See, I am easily influenced.

Second, budget. I like beach so much. I did survey local islands like Redang, Perhentian and those in Sabah too. They are heavenly, especially in Sabah. But they are insanely expensive. We don't have so much left after the wedding, and these places are waaayyyy beyond our budget. After considering the accomodation rates, transportation, expenses and all, we decided travelling abroad is cheaper than travelling to your own islands in Malaysia. No offense but I was surprised, mighty shocked you know, to find that the place has grown up to be expensive where once upon a time it was very laid-back and affordable.

Third, season. Yes. Our wedding is in October 24th. Two days after that we'll be leaving for honeymoon, insya-Allah. Most of the resorts and chalets on the islands will be closed during this time for monsoon period. Krabi saja la yang available because it's not an island. I love beach but not to the extent of spending the whole time diving and snorkeling aje. Or at least when it's raining in Krabi, we can go for massages and hibernating in the room.

I did some research on the accomodation at Krabi, mainly at the AoNang area. And then I fell in love with these two places.

AoNang Princeville. Sab stayed here for her honeymoon if I'm not mistaken. The main reason that attracted me to this resort is because they served HALAL food. But the reviews on TA is not much. So I have no high hopes for this place.

Krabi La Playa. TA reviews are helpful and photos are plentiful. Simply beautiful.

I personally prefer the latter but the first one should be my priority because of the HALAL food.

Psst!!! Are you coming to the gath this Saturday? I have to pass tho. Would love to meet you pretty ladies in person but time is constricting me from doing so. We'll meet next time then. Ah, aku jeles ni!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

More on Henna

About last week I received an e-mail from Amrina replying to my question for wedding henna. The price she quoted is fixed according to the package that she has. Here I attached some henna designs made by her.

Pictures are from Henna Ratu Sehari

For those of you who have been wondering how bling henna looks like, here are some pictures for your reference.
Click on the pictures to go to the respective website.

So who's gonna be my henna deisgner for my wedding day? Let's not spill the beans until after October yeah. It's still too early to give reviews and confirmation since I haven't tried her service yet. Haha.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ivory Birdcage Veil

I did write an entry or two about birdcage veil as a replacement of wedding veil in my blog. As mentioned before, I contacted  Dramatic Bombshell regarding my dream wedding birdcage veil. We exchanged e-mails and I told her how much my budget is and which design that I'd like to have by sending her some example pictures. She's good, I mean she did listen to you and try to meet your requirements as best as she could be.

At first, she had trouble to find nets that suits the look that I want (oh, memang demand saya ini!). But she came up with something similar to the net that I wished for. And the best part of it is it's within my budget. It's very reasonable I think. *happy*

Oh, the net is something similar like the picture below, and I told her I want the birdcage veil to be the same, exactly like it (or almost would do too!) I wanted some feathers in it, big flower with pearls and most importantly, it must be in ivory. Haha. I hope it turns out pretty.

I already have my wedding veil. I'm contemplating whether to wear long veil or birdcage veil for my reception. Tetiba terfikir macam susah je kalau nak makan beradap nanti bila pakai birdcage veil. Atau rimas tahap melampau sebab ade benda cover muka. Begitukah? Haih.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Henna. Inai. Mahendi.

For my wedding, I specifically wanted my hands and feet to be painted with pretty henna designs. I wear inai sometimes, on my fingers. I think it's quite common for me thus for my special day, I want the henna to be special too. I don't wear swirly henna designs on my hands on usual days. So I thought, hey, I'm getting married once in a lifetime, let's get crazy!

I e-mailed Dayu last month telling her how much is my budget and which design I'd like to have and how much she'll charge me. She gave a reply one week after that and yeah, she's flexible and can work within my budget. I wanted some blings on my hands too. Owh, just for the sake of pictures and pure fun actually. I haven't confirmed yet because while browsing, I found a cheaper option from Amrina. She makes pretty henna designs too. Check out  her website for more info.

Of course, when I'm having my henna moment I don't want to go for fully intricated designs. I'm very much comfortable to opt for half-intricated designs on top of the hands only (together with a simple design on the palms would be good too!).

As for the feet, I wish to have simple design on top of them. At least nanti when I wear my shoes, nampak la jugak design henna yang sedikit itu.

All pictures are from Dayu

I much prefer to have the NAILS ONLY painted with inai rather than having a full cap inai on my fingers and toes.

As for Johan, I personally thought he shouldn't wear inai even on his 3 fingers after reading from JAKIM regarding the usage of henna on men and women. And I found this to be useful and informative. Let's share since I heard so many things mengenai hukum-hakam pemakaian henna ni.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monogram Aisle Runner

That's the hall for my reception. I think that's the best picture I could find to describe the hall. Thanks to Zamdee for the shot. I want to fully utilize every nook and corner so there'd be no empty spots.

Actually I want to talk about the aisle runner. My wedding's main colors are red and black, most probably red will dominate the scene (eventho I'm not too fond of having too many reds around). Being me, I'm just not too keen on having red carpet for my wedding aisle. Why? Beacuse my bridesmaids baju are in red, so when they walk on the aisle, they will blend with the carpet. I don't want that. They're not chameleon. And so does the family. And decoration. No no no.

So I came up with an idea of having white wedding aisle. And I secretly wish our monogram can be printed on it too. And with fake red and black flower petals on both sides of the runner along the aisle. Pretty but maybe a bit time consuming and expensive.

I'm having doubts actually in realizing this idea. Thinking that nanti kasut kotor ade tahi kucing ke kena kat karpet putih aku, habis la! Dah la karpet putih, kalau kotor, mesti obvious! Yes, I'm paranoid. But I'd like to try things that have never been done before. Do you think it works for Malaysian wedding? Especially for Malay weddings to have this white carpet?

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