Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Religious Wedding Favors

I still haven't decided on the solemnization favors. Apart from the custom-made bunga telur from Nani, the rest is still pending. The discussion for my bunga telur will start on April 2010, since my wedding is still a long way to go. I have to give way to others whose big days are coming up.

Went to Mydin with Johan today to get the quotation for some stuffs. Originally, we planned to give out Yassin and tasbih as favors to our guests for akad nikah. But I'm sure, people have received Yassin too many times now, it's quite common.

We did browse around the religious books area, and stumbled upon Manzil. I open it up and I like the wordings. They're clear and not too small eventho the size of the book is petite. The cover is great too. It's not the usual hardpaper cover like other books, but it's kinda made of thin plastic so it's doesn't quickly worn-out or torn-up. The price of Manzil at Mydin USJ varies according to the size. The cheapest comes at RM6 per pack. Each pack contains 10pcs of mini Manzil.

Pictures of Manzil books taken from Google Image.

The tasbih has a great variety and wider selection too. Whether it's long or short; small, medium or large size beads in multiple colors, it's all up to you. The one like in the picture below is RM8.40 per pack. Each pack contains 12pcs of green tasbih.

Green long tasbih taken from Google.

And I know this is expensive but I'm still considering giving out mini wooden rehal instead of tasbih as favors. Price, again, varies according to size. From RM3.90 to RM7.90 per piece.

Mini wooden rehal taken from Google.

Wedding Program

Remember the other day when I bought the red card papers in Brickfields? Okay, there's a slight miscalculation. That's what I get for not bringing the actual draft when buying materials. *sigh* It happens that we actually need 300pcs of A4 size red paper only! We've bought about 600pcs, and now, I'm left with half of it. In red! What to do?

So the thought came in... since there's so many leftover, I'm gonna make my own wedding program. 300pcs is just enough because not many people are used to this kind of information for wedding. Here's the ideas:

They all look basically the same. I specifically want a fan-type wedding program.

And yes, this one is in RED! Woohoo! Images are all credited from Google.

So, what info can be put on the fan? Okay, here goes. There are two sides for information, right? For one side, I plan to write down the wedding itinerary, menu and candy table information. The other side pulak I want to list down the names of the people who are involved with the wedding. Example: The bride and groom's parents and grandparents' names, the bridesmaids and groomsmen' names, the maid of honour and bestman's names, etc. Get the idea?
The things I need to find now are a bunch of popsicle sticks (preferably yang lebar macam in the pictures, not the normal stick-thin ones) and a corner punch (might be available at craft stores).

Corner punch. Picture credited from here.

Popsicle sticks. I want that size or bigger! Photo credited from here.

Do let me know if you know where can I get my hands on these.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Handmade Wedding Invitation Card

We went to Brickfields this afternoon to find some paper and stationary supply. I told you I'm gonna make my own wedding invitation cards. So off we went and thank God they're open. I never knew they don't close on Saturdays. Heeee!

Since this was our second trip, we've made up our mind already on what to buy and what to expect. The first time we were there we just scouting and browsed around for bargains and paper types. This time, we went straight to the first store we hopped in and settled everything in prolly half an hour.

With an RM300 budget, and 600pcs cards in the making for the wedding, we managed to get through with just a total of RM220 after the lady gave us a discount of RM4. Cheap, right?

Many types of paper to choose from. 1st picture: Calculator is essential when we're dealing with numbers. I just went dizzy with numbers. 2nd picture: The chosen one. Red card as the cover and cream color paper as the inserts. 3rd picture: Okay, that's my most reliable, almost worn-out wedding diary. I'm lost without it. ;p

The red card paper is RM2.80/pc. You can get 10 A4 size paper after cutting. We asked to lady to potong siap-siap jadik A4 so it'd be easier for us. The red card would be the cover. For the insert, we chose cream color paper. It's RM5/pack. Each pack contains 100pcs A4 size paper. We need about 1200 pcs, so we bought 12 packs totaling up to RM60.

If you've been wondering what we've been up to, here's a peek:

That's a draft of our wedding invitation passport. I made it by myself. Yes...we've asked around and it costs too much for a card like this, even in Jakarta and Bandung. So what the heck, I have the time and ideas, let's just make some to cut cost. Initially, the wordings are in Bahasa Malaysia and English. But Johan is a bit traditionalist in heart, he wanted the wordings to be changed to Jawi instead of English. Lebih kemelayuan gitu. This card is just an outline. Will start finalizing the graphic, dates, wordings, itinerary and whatnots before I produce a hardcopy and start making the cards in bulk.

On a totally different story...my FMIL just returned from Hajj last Tuesday and I only got to visit her today morning. I love the red henna she gave me. The color is outstanding. My mom and sis went wild painting our nails and toenails with the henna. It's halal so fret not about removing it afterwards like the usual nail polish. Wheeeee!

Moroccan-themed Wedding

I've never thought of Moroccan-themed wedding before. But the idea struck on me when I attended my cousin's solemnization ceremony. She set up her own mini dais ala tent with colourful shades of kain. When I came home, I went googling the ideas and pictures from Google Images. I was so in awe I know I need to have this theme for my akad nikah as well. It'll make good pictures for the album because of the colors, decors and whatnots. The guests must be decked in colorful attires. That's compulsory. The more colors, the merrier!

Need examples? Here's my inspiration:

I absolutely heart this one. Pretty shades of pink, deep purple and lilac. It's girly but who cares...

I observed, apart from colorful paper lanterns (source: IKEA or Shaja), the antique brass lantern too plays an important part in the Moroccan-themed wedding. I know Romantika in Plaza Alam Sentral sells these lanterns in various sizes at reasonable prices. Might go and have a look whenever I'm on my lunch break.

These are few pictures during my cousin's solemnization ceremony. The nikah tent was in purple. I love the combination. Pretty!

Sneak Peek!

Okay kids, look at my ticker on your right hand side. It's 10 more months to my wedding day! *gulps*

I'm just glad I've sorted out almost 1/4 of the important part of the wedding. I've been pestering Johan to move his ass up. Most of the time, it resulted in me and him getting into a fight. Petty little things just gone haywire sometimes. He's been a slob regarding this wedding thingy. But I guess, any guy would be just like him right?

Honestly, I have to put up this picture because Johan looks just so cute over here. Okay, gediks. But I love to know how he has worked so hard to maintain the little house where we will be living few years after we get married. I love the old house but it just needs a lot of repairwork. The damage is beyond words. :(

Okay, let's move on.

Pardon the wrinkles. I was just too lazy to iron it up from packaging.

For the sneak peek: that's my jubah for the nikah ceremony. Remember the one I bought online all the way from UK at Al-Hijaab for only RM350 including delivery? So here's the one. Requested the color in ivory and custom made according to my measurements and likings with only extra 5 pounds. Cheapo! I've sent it over to Zaza to add some blings at the bottom of the dress and around the sleeves. The selendang (it comes free with the jubah as well!) will be touched up with some diamonds too, and it will be my veil. She promised it'll be done by end of February. Owh I can't wait! Will surely post pics on the completed jubah once it's in my hands.

Next task: to find mini tudung to match the dress and veil.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Overdue Entry

I'll make this entry short and full of pics because this is actually quite outdated. But who cares..

It was our family holiday to Bandung and Jakarta. I've never fancied Jakarta. So I'm glad when we only spent 2 nights there. The first 4 nights were spent in Bandung. It was raining all evening when we were there, so shopping spree to FOs was not that fun anymore. Rumah Mode has really made me upset this time. The clothings weren't as fancy as before. :(

We were accompanied by two nice young fellas during our trip. It's three, actually. Dani was our guide in Bandung while in Jakarta, Andris and Puspo were our guide. They've become more like our friends than driver. Let me know if you want their service. I'll give you their contacts.

Now, let's move on to the pictures...

At KLIA and in the plane.

Upon checked in at Aston Jl.Braga.

At Ancol.

At Monas.

At Tangkuban Perahu.

While parents went shopping for helmet, we went camwhoring.

Dinner at PVJ.

At Pasar Baru.

Awesome rock show at Rock Cafe Jl.Braga.

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