Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pameran Pengantin and Birthday

Hari ni dengan harapan yang sangat tinggi, me and Johan went to PWTC for Pameran Pengantin, thinking of getting ourselves a good bargain or two in photography + videography services. But we were disappointed. Everything is just too expensive or not too my liking or is simply not worth it for the quality they produced. So we left with a broken heart and went to have lunch with friends instead. Been thinking of having Ali as our wedding photographer. I love the price and he's kinda flexible. I can ask for certain shots that I'd love too. Oh well, the perks of having a photographer friend. ;p

And it's my birthday today! I'm 25, have been together with Johan for 5 years already and Insya-Allah, we will get married next year. There's still a lot I need to learn to be a good wife. First and foremost, I need to know how to feed my husband well. In other words, I should learn how to cook.

Owh! He almost made me cry this morning by showing up at my house and surprised me with a big bouquet of 25 red + pink roses. It's easy to melt me. Hahaha!

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